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Roku is rolling out a big update with Roku TV Update OS 7.6. The Roku TV platform will be getting a big facelift with new features that affect how people access OTA content and the ability to name HDMI ports according to what they are used for. This should be a welcome change for those looking to keep things easy to find. The Roku TV platform has proven very popular with consumers and has become a go to for some companies. Learn about Roku TV Update OS 7.6 bellow.

Key points in Roku OS 7.6 include:

More Ways to Watch
This feature provides an enhanced viewing experience based on what you watch through cable or satellite boxes, or

Roku is updating how users interact with OTA channels.

broadcast antennas, connected to your HD or Full HD Roku TV. You’ll be required to enable the feature via an opt-in prompt on your Roku TV once the feature is available or when setting up a new Roku TV. More Ways to Watch can recognize the show or movie you’re watching on these boxes and antennas using Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology and suggest additional viewing options via streaming to enhance your experience. Additional viewing options may include the ability to watch from the beginning, watch more episodes of the same show and/or view suggestions for similar entertainment available to stream. This is being rolled out on HD and FHD Roku TVs now, new 2017 4K Roku TV models and will move to 2016 4K Roku TV models this summer.

New Ways to Enjoy OTA Broadcasts:
In some regions, people may have access to over 100 channels via an OTA antenna but they may only watch a handful of them. You can now create a list of your favorite broadcast channels when you have a broadcast antenna connected to your Roku TV. To create your own favorite channels list, simply press the left button when watching over-the-air TV on your Roku TV to bring up the list of available channels. Press the options button “*” on your Roku TV remote to add individual channels to your favorites list. Once created, the favorites list will allow you to browse only the tuner channels you’ve added to that list. You can switch back to the all-channels list to view all available tuner channels at any time.

When using the Live TV Pause feature on your Roku TV, you’ll now see thumbnail images displayed on the screen while pausing, rewinding, or fast forwarding to make it easier to identify where you are in the movie or show to resume playing at the moment you want to watch. In addition, Live TV Pause now supports our Closed Caption on Replay feature. When this option is turned on, you can use the replay button on your Roku TV remote to go back a few moments in the movie or show you’re watching to view closed captions for dialog you may have missed.

Users will be able to name each HDMI input on their Roku TV.

Customize Your Home-screen with CustomInput Naming for Roku TV
In an effort to give Roku TV customers even more ways to customize their experience, you now have the ability to assign custom names to your inputs icons. To name an input, just highlight the input tile on your Roku TV home screen and press the options button “*” on your Roku TV remote. Scroll through the list of pre-populated input names until you reach “set custom name and icon” and press OK. Now you can enter any name you’d like (up to 15 characters) for the input device for easier identification on Roku TV home screen.

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Las Vegas, Nevada (CES). – Jan. 3, 2017 – Roku can count their branded TV’s a success. The branded TVs which launched to great fanfare two years ago pushes Roku Powered Smart TV’s (which integrate the Roku platform directly into a TV) as an easy option for those looking for a plethora of apps without adding boxes and dongles. Just like with their set top boxes part of the success comes from volume. As of Dec. 2016, there were 100 Roku TV models available in the North American market including in Mexico. Roku TVs accounted for 13 percent of all U.S. smart TV sales translating into one out of eight smart TV purchases in the U.S. HD and 4K Roku TV models come from manufactures including Hisense, Hitachi, Insignia, Sharp and TCL.

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Las Vegas, CES– Roku’s TV ambitions continue to grow as the company announced it will be expanding its presence as a platform to more smart TV’s. The Roku TV program partners Roku with numerous TV manufacturers to integrate Roku OS  into televisions as their main interface negating the need for a separate Roku set-top box. At the moment there are as many as 1 million Roku

Roku TV's are updated regularly.
Roku TV’s are updated regularly.

TV branded sets in homes which makes up 8% of the smart TV market in the US. Roku TV’s use the

4K Roku TV’s and International Expansion Coming
TCL, one of Roku’s first TV partners will be releasing 4K Roku TV’s this spring. Expansion into Mexico is also on the way following its recent expansion into Canada as the company looks to broaden the scope of the ecosystem.

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Roku announced four new branded TV’s today (two each from Sharp and Insignia) providing a

The Roku Feed helps users find out when popular movies are available through Roku's channels.
The Roku Feed helps users find out when popular movies are available through Roku’s channels.

number of price points and size options for their TV based platform. A Roku TV is a television built by one of Roku’s media partners featuring over 2000 smart TV apps through the Roku channel store along with a simple interface that allows the user to access other TV functions like a cable connection or game console from a uniform interface without the need to switch from one input to another. They are designed to simplify the smart TV experience while providing a great deal of content choices. Both the Sharp and Insignia TV’s feature the full complement of Roku channels/apps along with the new Roku feed feature to help users monitor and find out when the movies they have been waiting for are available. The LED based sets ship with a simple remote with directional buttons and other basic controls and are also compatible with the official Roku mobile apps designed for mobile devices.

Sharp is the latest company to add the Roku interface to the market.
Sharp is the latest company to add the Roku interface to the market.

Where can you buy one?
If you are looking for the Sharp and Insignia branded TV’s there are  only two places to find them, Best Buy and bestbuy.com.

Sizes and Prices


43 inch $379.99
50 inch $499.99

32 inch $229.99
55 inch $549.99

The new Roku TV’s from Sharp and Insignia were originally announced at the 2015 CES. The addition of the well-regarded brands gives Roku 4 TV partners along with previous partners TCL, Hisense with one more (Haier) on the way. Roku fans can even expect to see a 4K Roku TV in the future as the company continues to adapt to consumer interests.

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Roku wants its platform to dominate the Smart TV market and it is willing to do it one home at a time. On its official blog, Roku announced that it is giving away a Roku TV to a lucky winner if they submit a picture of their current multimedia set up. The example the company uses is a

Does this set up take you back? Screenshot taken from The Roku Blog.
Does this set up take you back? Screenshot taken from The Roku Blog.

classic 1980’s era cabinet TV with a Roku logo on a blurry screen. For someone with such a set up a Roku TV would be a major prize. Who wouldn’t want a free HDTV anyway? Roku has been pushing the TV heavily advertising online and even partnering with Ellen DeGeneres in a massive full audience giveaway.

Smart TV’s have never really had the impact that they were expected to have because the systems have not been easy to access. Roku is betting that their platform which has been hugely popular via set-top-boxes will help build enthusiasm for its line of Smart TV’s. If the format manages to take off it would be the first to be hugely successful. Most of the numbers concerning smart TV’s say that people who own them do not even use the Internet connectivity to access the included apps.

To see the Roku Blog contest post click here.

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Apple TV has become overlooked in the what's new culture of the tech media.

The Apple World Wide Development Conference came and went without mention of a fourth generation Apple TV, much less an Apple brandedApple TV television. Is apple resting the laurels that Steve Jobs grew and getting passed by? Apple TV as it is earned 1 billion dollars of profit in 2013 between sales of units and the purchase of iTunes content. Maybe the company feels like there is no need to roll out a new product at the time. The bosses at Apple may even be right in this assumption, but while the company that changed, personal computing, cell phones and made the tablet a must have item is

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Ryan Michael Downey

2013 was a big year for Roku, which saw it add many popular channels including Watch ESPN and YouTube. At the start of 2014 Roku announced that its interface will be included on new televisions from two major manufacturers. Today the Streaming Advisor asks 5 questions about the popular streaming box.

When will we see Miracast on Roku?
Miracast is an Android answer to Apple’s AirPlay which is available on many android based tablet and phones. There were numerous stories concerning Roku adding Miracast capability in 2013 but the year Roku splash pic passed without its debut. Another AirPlay competitor DIAL did arrive on the Roku 3 along with the YouTube app.

What other apps will be compatible with DIAL?
The Direct And Launch protocol “DIAL” is a video transfer protocol used by mobile devices and computers to sling media to a receiver. The Chromecast brought the technology to the forefront over the summer and Roku included it in the update that brought Roku 3 users YouTube. Very recently Netflix added limited Netflix support allowing users to launch Netflix from mobile devices in the same manor as the Chromecast. Will Roku expand its use past YouTube and Netflix?

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Ryan Michael Downey 

Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show, Roku CEO, Anthony Wood announced that Roku is partnering with TCL and Hisense to Roku TV Picproduce TV’s that integrate Roku’s interface. Hisense and TCL are among the companies that already collaborate with Roku on “Roku Ready” TV’s featuring the MHL connector utilized by the Roku streaming stick. Other Roku ready TV partners include Coby, Harmon Kardon and Westinghouse Digital. Hisense,  Sceptre so there may be many more sets on the way.  The move happens in the face of near constant yet never fulfilled rumors of an Apple branded television set. With multiple set top boxes, the largest group of video apps on any smart TV platform and more capabilities coming Roku is in an incredibly strong position going forward.