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Sling TV has crossed another barrier jumping onto a new smart OS.  A Sling TV WebOS App launching on most LG Tv’s is now available on LG smart TV’s and WebOS.According to the company, the app will be supported on “most” LG webOS 3.0 and 3.5 Smart TVs. Sling Television is the first service of its type to be included on the LG interface which puts it leagues ahead of its competitors. The inclusion will allow the service to establish a beachhead on the very popular smart TV platform known for its “magic remote” interface.  

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Does Fire TV Have A DVR? Sling TV today widened availability of its Cloud DVR to new customers through its “First Look” early access program. Introduced in late 2016 in beta for Roku users, Cloud DVR “First Look,” priced at $5 per month for 50 hours of storage, is now available for purchase exclusively to Sling TV customers using Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or Fire tablet devices. Sling TV also expanded its Cloud DVR-supported devices; customers with Cloud DVR may now use the feature across Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, Android mobile devices, Android TVs, Roku™ streaming players and Roku TV™s.

“Many customers have requested Cloud DVR since our launch, and as more consumers cut the cord, we know Cloud DVR is a must-have feature for many consumers,” said Ben Weinberger, chief product officer of Sling TV. “We also know some customers prefer to watch our 30,000 on-demand titles, and we don’t want to make them pay for a feature they won’t use. While other OTT providers force everyone to take Cloud DVR at a higher price, Sling TV continues to give our customers choice and control over their entertainment experience.”

‘First Look’ Program

Through “First Look,” the Cloud DVR offers eligible customers 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage for $5 per month with any Sling TV subscription.

The “First Look” program provides customers with the latest Cloud DVR updates, including several improvements and bug fixes identified through customer feedback during the beta period. “First Look” customers will also be among the first to experience new features like setting recordings on-the-go, as well as upcoming enhancements, including the ability to record more channels, protect recordings and group recorded series into folders.

Access to “First Look” is currently available to customers who own a Sling TV-supported Amazon device; Cloud DVR is available on Amazon Fire TVs and Fire tablets, Android mobile devices, Android TVs, Roku™ streaming players and Roku TV™s, and will expand to additional devices in the coming months, starting with Apple TV. Eligible customers who created their account through Amazon may add Cloud DVR through the Sling TV app on their Fire TV or Fire tablet. All other eligible customers may add Cloud DVR by signing in to their account on sling.com and selecting “Add Cloud DVR.”

Cloud DVR Features

Availability – Sling TV’s Cloud DVR is available to beta and “First Look” customers with any Sling TV subscription, including Sling Orange (single-stream), Sling Blue (multi-stream), and/or Best of Spanish TV across all Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablets, Android mobile devices, Android TVs, Roku™ streaming players and Roku TV™s.
No recording expirations – Customers may keep their recordings as long as they subscribe to Cloud DVR.
Entertainment on your time – Record movies, sports, news, episodes and full series, with the ability to pause, rewind or fast-forward recorded content. Cloud DVR functionality not available on all channels.
Conflict-free recording – Users may record multiple programs simultaneously, with no recording conflicts.
Easy access – Cloud DVR content is integrated directly into Sling TV’s “My TV” screen for immediate access to recordings.
Simple space management – Sling TV manages Cloud DVR space to make room for new recordings by deleting the oldest ‘watched’ recording when capacity is full.
For more information on Sling TV’s Cloud DVR and the “First Look” program, visit help.sling.com. Customers are invited to provide feedback by contacting Sling TV at DVR@sling.com.

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Android TV has gotten a major push thus far in 2017 with Sling TV announcing both the Sling optimized device program featuring the Mi Box and the rollout of the Air TV device, an Android TV device that emphasizes Sling TV over all other streaming Platforms. The thing that sets Air TV apart though is that it will integrate OTA channels into Sling TVs channel lineup to allow users to acces both the live cable channels and local network content all in one place. It will finally allow users to watch local channels on Sling TV with an Antenna

But what if the antenna doesn’t work?
Air TV recommends customers use a professional installer to make sure that any outdoor antenna performs optimally and help users avoid pixelation.  More info can be found on its website here

Android TV is a full ecosystem featuring many popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

See a demo of Air TV

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Sling TV added NBA TV this week bringing a major outlet for basketball fans to the service. There is a lot for NBA aficionados to sink their teeth into:

· More than 95 professional basketball games – NBA TV brings live professional basketball games to Sling TV subscribers at home and on the go with Sports Extra, still $5 per month for Sling Orange subscribers and $10 per month for Sling Blue subscribers.
· Signature studio shows, original programming and special events coverage – In addition to live games, NBA TV brings original programming like “Game Time,” breaking news, and events like NBA Global Games, NBA Draft, NBA Summer League and more.
· Access to even more basketball on Sling TV – NBA games are also available on Sling TV via ESPN, ABC / ESPN 3 (Sling Orange only), TNT and Fox Sports Networks (Sling Blue only in select markets). For a weekly schedule and more information, you can visit the Sling TV Help Center.

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Sling TV has rebranded its two concurrent services. For those unaware that Sling TV has more than one kind of service (which is more than understandable)  let me explain. Sling TV began launched offering a single device at a time access to a number of cable channels at a cost of $20.00. Over a year later the service launched what they called their multi-stream package that changed the channel lineup dripping for instance the ESPN family of networks in favor of the Fox Family of networks. The new service cost $25.00 and allowed users to access channels on up to three devices at a time. 

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The Sling TV Channel for Roku got a major UI update adding new features to the live TV app. The change up brings the channel/app up to date with the recent version of the app for Apple TV. Users can now select favorite shows, organize their favorite channels, access settings without any special commands and browse for movies all from the main interface.  Check out the video for a full demonstration.



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Dish Network and it’s streaming counterpart Sling TV have put a forward thinking deal into place that should build on Dish’s long commitment to international programming and help differentiate Sling TV from competitors in the future in the International space. The announcement comes not much more than a month after Dish became part of a lawsuit against an Android box seller which specializes in providing copyrighted IPTV based content.

“Our agreement with Zee enables us to provide a vast amount of entertainment to fans of South Asian content, while also giving customers a more streamlined way to access and enjoy both linear and on-demand content,” said Chris Kuelling, senior vice president of programming for Sling TV and DISH. “Zee shares our goal of growing the South Asian market, and together we are able to better serve this community, as well as the other language groups served by Zee.”

Sling TV and DISH are going to be the U.S. home of Zee’s on-demand library, which includes movies and over 400 video titles at no additional charge to DISH and Sling TV subscribers with the Hindi Gold Pack an upcoming package which will contain all of the Zee Hindi channels, plus other leading Hindi channels. In addition, “&TV”,  will be added to the existing lineup. Sling Television will be the only place to find all but one of Zee’s South Asian channels. Zee will transition viewers from its direct-to-consumer services to Sling TV or to authenticated access only over the next few months.

Sling Asian TV Is Good Bet

The Asian market should give Dish a major advantage in that space compared to both its current competitor in the space, PlayStation Vue and any future endeavor from Hulu, YouTube and others. While Asians do not make up the largest population of US-based minority groups they are a vocal and often financially strong one. And as more people from India and China make their way to the US for educational and entrepreneurial opportunities there will only be on viable and legal option to get a majority of the content.

Latino Programming Growing
As part of the agreement, DISH and Sling TV will also add two Spanish-language channels, Z Living Español and Zee TV Español, and two Brazilian channels, Zee TV Portuguese and Z Living Portuguese, to their respective line-ups. The new Spanish channels can be found on DISH in the DishLATINO Clasico, DishLATINO Dos, DishLATINO Plus and DishLATINO Max packages, and the Best of Spanish TV package on Sling Latino.

For more info see press release here

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Today Sling TV launched a live beta multi-stream service for $20 per month, including live and on-demand content from Fox Networks Group brands and the ability to stream on up to three devices simultaneously in or outside the home. In addition to Fox, the beta service’s base and “Extra” packages include content from the following multi-stream programmers: AMC, A&E, HBO, Turner, Scripps, EPIX and Univision. Available today, Sling TV’s new beta service can be purchased with or without the current Sling TV single-stream service at www.sling.com.

New Sling TV customers can trial the multi-stream service free for seven days and with no annual contract or long-term commitment atwww.sling.com. Additionally, Sling TV’s single-stream service can be purchased with or without the new multi-stream service for $20 per month.

“Since launch, our customers have asked for more channels and multiple streams. We believe our new multi-stream service, anchored by a strong lineup of Fox content, including top franchises like ‘Empire’ and ‘The Americans’ on FOX and FX, as well as access to Major League Baseball in 15 markets, including the New York Yankees, is the first step in answering their requests,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV. “We look forward to incorporating our customers’ feedback throughout the beta phase as we evolve the multi-stream service to include additional channels, features and functionality.”

Channel lineup

The new “Best of Live TV” multi-stream service includes content from FOX Broadcasting, FOX Sports, FX, National Geographic and other popular networks from AMC, A&E, Turner, Scripps and Univision.

Similar to Sling TV’s single-stream service, beta multi-stream customers can tailor their experience by adding “Extras,” including “Hollywood Extra,” “Lifestyle Extra,” “World News Extra,” HBO and Cinemax. For a full list of beta multi-stream channel options, visit www.sling.com.

Sling TV’s existing single-stream Best of Live TV service, which includes content from Disney and ESPN Networks, is unchanged with the introduction of this new multi-stream service. For a complete comparison of channel lineups between the Best of Live TV single-stream and beta multi-stream services, visit http://news.sling.com/document-library/sling-tv-beta-multi-stream-service-channels.

Fox Networks Group President and Chief Operating Officer Randy Freer said: “We’re proud to partner with Dish and Sling TV to offer our brands FOX Broadcasting, FX, National Geographic and FOX Sports as part of Sling TV’s multi-stream service. This flexible platform, which allows viewers to access our industry-leading programming, ranging from ‘Empire’ to ‘American Crime Story,’ the World Series, the Super Bowl and our massively popular local sports, at home or on the go, reflects our commitment to providing the consumer with a better and more seamless TV experience.”

Local sports

Multi-stream customers will have access to Fox’s leading portfolio of regional sports networks and their popular local NBA and MLB telecasts. This includes select NBA playoff telecasts and, for the current baseball season, the reigning World Series Champion Kansas City Royals, along with the New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Angels, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, San Diego Padres, Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers. Availability is subject to local territory restrictions. For more details on regional sports networks, visit help.sling.com/foxregionalsports.

More local news, sports, weather and primetime shows

Customers who subscribe to the beta multi-stream service will have access to local FOX broadcast content, live and on-demand, in the following 17 markets at no additional cost: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte N.C., Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Gainesville, Fla., Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pa., Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, Fla. and Washington D.C. Additionally, Sling TV expects to add local content from FOX affiliates in the future on a market-by-market basis.

At launch, customers residing outside the above markets or traveling away from home will have access to FOX on-demand content only. For more information on accessing a local FOX station through Sling TV, visit help.sling.com/FOXlocal.

Coming soon, customers can use Sling TV credentials to authenticate the FOX NOW, FXNOW, FOX Sports GO and Nat Geo TV applications.

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Sling TV, despite breaking new ground by offering a contract free TV streaming option, has had one major dark spot. There have been gaffes during heavily watched events. Most notably during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the premier of The Walking Dead, and the premier of Game of Thrones.

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According to Sling TV the cable industry operates like a group of school yard bullies. Through its new ad campaign the company uses kids to berate adults through wedgies and other juvenile acts of aggression in forcing their customers/victims to follow through with contracts and force feed themselves channels they do not want. But are cable companies bullies? Do people feel forced to get the services in the first place?

Will these ads last?
Remember the cable Rob Lowe Vs Direct TV Rob Lowe campaign? In that series of advertisements Rob Lowe played a high tech friendly clean cut version of himself in a clean beautiful modern home to illustrate the joys and superiority of Direct TV service while wearing a dirty shirt and sitting in a dated mismatched living room with an old square TV. Message Cable users are trashy and D-TV users are trendy. The ads got pulled after due to pressure from cable companies for unfair depictions of its overall quality and customer satisfaction.

How Cable Advertises
Cable companies paint themselves as bastions of communication and convenience. Using concepts like “Bundles make it easy”, “fastest internet speeds” etc. The message is about reliability and convenience. When you are on the top of the mountain you rarely shoot down and at the moment cable is keeping to that rule when it comes to TV programming. Where you see the industry on the offensive is in comparison to DSL, which by all measures is far slower than even basic packages available through most cable providers. But by attacking DSL the companies avoid a comparison between cable Internet and something along the lines of U-Verse Internet which is more than equal for the price. In general cable companies advertise internet speeds that average families do not need like up to 50mps, otherwise known as  4 times faster than is needed for streaming and basic use. At least it no longer compares itself to dial up.

Going forward
As it grows it will be interesting to see how the company deals with the crush of customer service issues that will arise and the biggest issue down the line, renegotiating deals with providers like Disney, which may ask for more money from the service in the future. But for now Sling TV is in position to play the good guy offering channels without commitment and interchangeable packages. Consumers could benefit greatly from a competitive marketplace in that field, but there are not any obvious challengers at the moment. Bullies or not Sling is making the case that they provide a simmilar service with far less hassle and from my own experience I can actually attest to that case. Will humor prove to be a great business strategy. The numbers won’t lie.