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This is it. The first week of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.  And this is a big time for streaming. How do I know, because my wife came home from work saying her boss wants to know how to stream the NCAA tournament at work. If you are looking for a way to see the action there are multiple ways to do so. One important way for Americans living overseas to see the action  is via a feed from CBS through a website called USTV Now. This will not give you every game that will be played but it provides access to the games on CBS for free. Keep in mind though, it will not be your local CBS unless you happen to live in the specific part of the country that the feed originates from. US citizens can still access the feed though you will be asked to verify where you are from. Want to see How To Stream NCAA Tournament Games With USTV Now? All you have to do is go to the website listed bellow and create a profile and away you go. The service provides not just CBS but all of the major broadcast networks for free.

What is the Website?

Is there a way to Watch USTV Now On Roku?
Yes. There is a private Roku channel for USTV Now. For instructions on installing the USTV Now Roku Channel Click Here