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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

LAS VEGAS — January 4, 2017 — Nuvyyo, the maker of the Tablo Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR Tablo, today announced a slate of new hardware, software and services. The company will be rolling out new apps for Android TV devices starting with the Nvidia Shield, a new dongle that will let users set up an antenna anywhere and even announced it is looking into cloud DVR storage.

Android TV Integration
By connecting a USB OTA tuner and an antenna to the Nvidia Shield and downloading the Tablo DROID DVR app, TV fans will be able to discover, watch and record live HDTV on their Android set-

The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app
The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app

top-box without the need for companie’s OTA DVR hardware.

The New software will allow users to save programming on the Shield’s hard drive which will be a big win for those with the pro model. Tablo DROID will be compatible with Tablo TUNER, a new dual-tuner USB dongle or the Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner stick.

“Since 2013, Nuvyyo has been focused on making Tablo the defacto app for live TV on the widest variety of internet-connected screens,” said Grant Hall, CEO at Nuvyyo, the makers of Tablo. “Today’s announcements strengthen that commitment and provide consumers with even more choice in how they watch and record Over-the-Air HDTV.”

Tablo’s DROID app will be free to download from the Google Play store and will include a free 30-day trial of Tablo’s guide data subscription. After the trial, users can continue to watch live TV and set manual recordings without a subscription. Nuvyyo plans to release the DROID app to the Google Play store and make the TUNER stick available for purchase via the Tablo web store in Q2 of 2017.

Tablo LIVE ‘Antenna Anywhere’ Stick
The Tablo LIVE ‘antenna anywhere’ stick is a single-tuner WiFi device that turns any OTA antenna into a smart antenna, enabling cord cutters to distribute OTA HDTV programming over their home network via WiFi. With Tablo LIVE, consumers can place their antenna anywhere in their home to ensure the best possible positioning for OTA reception and watch live HDTV programming via Tablo apps (www.tablotv.com/apps) on mobile devices and streaming set-top-boxes.

Apps for Tablo LIVE will have a user-friendly interface and allow consumers browse an on-screen 24 hour grid guide with episode and series details as well as launch live broadcast TV streams. Tablo LIVE apps will be free to download and no guide data subscription will be required.

The Tablo LIVE ‘antenna anywhere’ stick is expected to be available in Q2 2017 with an anticipated MSRP of $99 USD.

Tablo CLOUD DVR Storage
Currently in the proof-of-concept stage, Tablo CLOUD DVR storage is designed to be used with the Tablo LIVE ‘antenna anywhere’ stick to add online recording storage and DVR functionality. Tablo CLOUD will be subscription-based and offer a set number of hours of cloud DVR storage for a monthly fee. Pricing, plans and availability will be announced at launch.

 All Tablo products and software innovations will be demonstrated in Las Vegas this evening from6:00 to 10:30 p.m. at the Pepcom Digital Experience media event at the Mirage Events Center.

The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

How do you update Tablo?  You must be asking yourself that question because the company website does not have a firmware update section. Don’t worry we can help.

On a computer or connected device go to this address

http://my.tablotv.com/#/livetv or click here

You will be brought to a page where you will be prompted to either be prompted to connect the Tablo to your network via W_Fi or by Ethernet, which is just the option that says connect.

From there you will be prompted to update your Tablo to the latest firmware.

Important note
You will likely have to update your firmware multiple times. The Tablo will download whichever is the next firmware in line not the latest firmware. What we mean when we say this is let’s say you have firmware 1.9 and the most current firmware is 3.0. Before you can get firmware 3.0 you have to install firmware 2.0-2.9 or whatever the various updates are before you get 3.0.

How do I know what firmware I have?
Once you have connected to Tablo using this link you can find your firmware build in the settings. It will be listed toward the bottom of the page.

The latest apps may not work without the latest firmware
Got the new Apple TV app for Tablo? I bet it says it can’t find it. Before you waste time on message boards make sure that the Tablo has the latest firmware available.

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo, the OTA DVR is on its way to a number of customers via new marketing agreements with US based Internet providers. The program offers customers from participating ISP’s the option to add a Tablo DVR unit and the company’s service as part of their overall Internet bill. The package would allow users who are walking away from cable to continue to use a DVR for time-shifted television viewing and tap into what is a growing market for OTA DVR.

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

The Amazon Fire TV got a great new addition recently. Tablo, an OTA DVR product that allows users who own a physical Tablo unit to watch live TV, record programming and search for upcoming programming has rolled out its new app on the Amazon device. The Tablo units cost between $219.00-$299.00. See the product page here . Check out our demonstration of this very exciting new addition to the Amazon streaming landscape.

Tablo For Fire TV Interface Demo



The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo, the OTA DVR from Nuvyyo made an important leap forward Wednesday when it launched an official Roku Channel. The channel is currently listed in Roku’s new channel section as well as the Movies and TV section. A private Tablo channel has been available on the Roku for some time but it required users to add the channel through its website. As of this writing the new channel looks and works the same way the original private channel did. In fact it appears that Tablo simply put the private channel through the approval process with Roku to be public channel.

Tablo Channel Now Available In Roku Store
The new public channel should not come as a surprise to those who have been following Nuvyyo as the company announced a totally redesigned Roku channel along with apps for Fire TV and the Android TV Platform at CES. It is also only natural for Nuvyyo to put the channel in the channel store so that its customers will be able to easily add it as new products like the Tablo Metro hit the market. A company representative informed me last week that the new version of the channel, which is not yet available for the public, was developed from the ground up using Bright Script which Roku uses

Screen shot from the yet to be released revamped Tablo Channel for Roku.
Screen shot from the yet to be released revamped Tablo Channel for Roku.

for its own apps instead of the standard SDK that most Roku channels including the current Tablo channel use. Having a Tablo channel in the Roku store may also create more interest in the product as potential customers stumble across the channel. We are looking forward to seeing the revamped channel in action and believe that this may well be a sign that it is on the way soon.

Can anyone use the Tablo Channel?

The Tablo channel works in tandem with the Tablo DVR units that Nuvyyo sells. When users launch the Tablo Channel it seeks out a Tablo unit on the same network as the Roku. So if a Roku owner does not actually have a Tablo unit the channel will not access anything. This is much like the Sling channel for Roku.

No Tablo app for the Fire TV or Apple TV yet
We took a look at the Fire TV and Apple TV to see if the DVR had an app available for either of the platforms and found no app as of yet. Apple TV has never been mentioned as a partner but it was certainly worth checking. Fire TV is set to get its own Tablo app soon if the January announcement is still accurate.  The Streaming Advisor Will Keep a close eye on this story.

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo users can now access their live TV and DVR content on almost any wireless device. Tablo recently expanded its app lineup to include downloadable web apps for IOS and Android smart phones. The company already offered apps for iPad’s, Amazon Fire Tablets and Android Tablets. Combine that with the Roku private channel, the computer based web app and the unofficial but very good Plex app and it looks like Tablo can be accessed on nearly any device in some way shape or form.

Though the apps are web based they are still accessed via their respective app

The Tablo web app for mobile phones gives users one more screen for quiet private viewing.
The Tablo web app for mobile phones gives users one more screen for quiet private viewing.

stores. For instance IOS users must first download the the app from the app store, then sync it with their Tablo unit. Once the web app is downloaded and set up it performs just like any other application on the device. It has its own touch based interface and does not show a URL at the top of the screen.

Tabo Apps
Roku Private Channel-
The Roku Private channel app accesses the Tablo and creates a simple interface for users to access live TV and recorded content. It is not as rich as the apps for mobile devices but gets the job done. Keep in mind though that the Roku App is not available from the Roku Channel Store. It is available though through Tablo’s website. We will provide a link to the apps section of Tablo’s site below.

Mobile apps for Tablets- The Fire Tablet, IOS and Android apps basically transform the tablet into a viewing screen from over the air signals. They have easy to navigate touch based GUI’s and provide access to the recordings from an external source. There are some limitations such as OS compatibility but for devices that meet the company’s specs they perform admirably.

Plex-The Plex app is not an official app. It was created by a Tablo fan for use on Plex but having used it I have to say that it gets the job done quite well. The app sets up a block based look with  basic icons for the key functions and allows users to chose the over the air station to view and even creates a nifty interface. While not as quick as the other options it is great way to access Tablo from a device like the Fire TV or Fire Stick which do not have a Tablo app at the time of this writing.

Tablo for Computers-Tablo’s web based app for computers is similar to the tablet apps except that it is set up with menus that work better for users with a mouse or touch pad. It creates a solid experience for those using a computer, and of course will provide users a larger screen than any Tablet.

Tablo Apps Page Click here

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OTA DVR could be worthwhile investment for cord cutters

Tablo Pic 5 Program guide not Feature Image
Tablo organizes over the Air TV like Netflix.

Streaming and cord cutting are becoming more common. In some cases the two go hand in hand. For this reason we took a look at the Tablo a device that combines over the air TV with streaming devices. As more people look into the idea of walking away from pay TV services they must take a look at the services they receive from the cable company in their “bargain” bundle. One feature that a lot of people enjoy very much is the DVR. People weighing the cost benefits of dropping cable ask me often “can you have A DVR without cable?” Having long since replaced VCR’s (Kids that’s the thing we watched movies on and recorded with before DVDs and Blu-ray) with the cable box based recorders, the end of cable seems like the end of that function entirely. This is not the case. Despite poor reporting by some outlets cord cutters can in fact record shows digitally for later viewing with OTA based DVR’s.

Is this a service like Tivo or a piece of equipment like Roku?
Tablo offers a subscription service priced at $4.99 US/month, $49.99 US/year, or a lifetime subscription for $149.99

Does Everything I need come in the box? No

Tablo Pic 7 Live Guide
Users can browse by category and explore their OTA options.

The Tablo only comes with part of what you will need to get started.

Included in the box are:

  • A network cable
  • A power supply
  • The Tablo unit itself
  • A simple start guide

You will need to supply

  • Antenna
  • A wireless router with an open network port to connect the Tablo
  • A Portable USB hard drive
  • An iPad with IOS 7 os or later, an Android device
    or a laptop/PC to use as the control for the video interface

Apps for Tablo
There are Tablo apps for Roku, iPad 2 and above, Android tablets 7 inches or bigger running Android 4.1 and higher and a web based app. There is also a Plex app for Tablo available on

Tablo has apps for most major platforms.
Tablo has apps for most major platforms.

 the site but the company does not provide support for it. Find the one you need here.

Is there a remote?
There is no physical remote. Like a Chromecast you are expected to supply the controls through your own devices and use their free app.

Getting Started
Hook up all of the equipment as the instructions suggest.
1. Connect an Antenna to the Tablo
2. Connect the network cable to your router (the device also supports WI-Fi.
3. Plug in the USB Hard drive

Tablo pic 1
Tablo will guide you through the set up process.

After the physical set up is done it is time to dive in to the software side of things.

1. Download the Tablo app to an IOS or Android device on the same wireless network OR use a computer preferably a laptop and navigate to http://my.tablotv.com/
*If you are going to access the Tablo and set up with a computer you must use either the Safari or Google Chrome browser.

2. Follow on screen instructions.
(Make sure there is nothing of value on the portable hard drive before you format it)

When the Tablo scans your local channels it will also indicate the signal quality you receive on them.

Tablo Pic 4
Once your channels have been found you are almost ready to stream live TV.

Once the Tablo is done scanning the local channels it will download a schedule guide for the channels that you have installed to the lineup.

Next You will likely be prompted to upgrade the software. Give the Tablo permission to do so.
*Note: If the interface gets hung up while syncing unplug the Tablo, plug it back in and start the process over. Once synced if the program guide does not populate after 2 minutes or more refresh the page on your browser.

All Done
Once the program guide loads subscribers can scan through their favorite shows and choose which ones to ask the Tablo to record. The device will set up to record which ever shows you chose when they air.

If you would like to record shows that are on at the moment you can do so by accessing the live TV Grid. From the live TV grid you can record current programs by selecting them and choosing record.

Tablo Channel Grid
Users can access a TV grid interface for playing live TV and setting recordings through its mobile app and browser based access.

Live TV through Apps
One of the the most helpful features of the Tablo is the ability to view Live TV through its apps. Its Roku channel (To add Tablo channel Click Here) allows users to access all of the channels that the antenna can receive. The antenna actually operated far better and clearer when using the Tablo. What this means for Tablo users with a 4 tuner unit is that if that is a family has one antenna but a Roku in every room then multiple people will be able to view HD quality live TV channels (up to 4 at one time) without the need for antennas hooked to each TV or even worse a splitter with multiple wires. You can also watch live TV a computer. It is like having a sling box. The playback on both the Roku and computer was perfect. The apps will also let users choose shows to record ahead of time. Roku owners are not the only set-top users who can stream OTA TV on the big screen. Apple TV owners can send video from an iPad to the set top box. Tablo is also Chromecast friendly. Users can cast video from both their Android devices and their computers though the web based version uses the still less reliable Beta screen casting feature. In our test we experienced buffering when sending video from a

Tablo will use your zip code to determine your TV listings.
Tablo will use your zip code to determine your TV listings.

laptop to the Chromecast. Either way the device provides users with many options for TV viewing both on TV and via a myriad of wireless devices.

Aero Replacement
The functionality that allows a user to view live HD TV through devices like an iPad, Roku or compatible Android device reminds me very much of what Aero provided. The key difference of course is that the DVR and antenna one uses is actually present on location (and the lack of injunctions). But the performance of the antenna in conjunction with the unit was impressive. There were no pauses or skipping on any of the channels I sampled, which was all 24 that I installed. It must be noted that the antenna on its own has its up and downs. A representative from Tablo told me that the DVR does not have an amplifier or anything that implicitly boosts the signal from the antenna and explained that the likely reason I saw a better performance was due to the tuner in the unit was likely less sensitive then the one built in to my television.  Some of the channels the Tablo picks up officially have fits throughout a broadcast affected by weather and other factors like digital noise. In the case of the Tablo I could not even tell I was using an antenna.

Overall take
The Tablo fills a very important function that would otherwise be lost without cable. Its ability to increase the stability of an over the air antenna to cable like performance (though not an officially advertised feature) was a major surprise to us and a pleasant one. I would recommend mounting the device out of view as the antenna wires can crowd a good home theater set up. Considering that it is controlled via wireless devices over your Wi-Fi network there is no need for line of site. The need for a portable hard drive is somewhat hidden cost as is the need for compatible set-top technology. I get the impression that Tablo expects its buyers to have already committed to an over the top solution before hand. If one does not want to purchase a set-top device there is always the option to connect a computer to the TV via an HDMI connection.

Purchasing a Tablo
Want one click here to order from the Tablo home or its partners here.
Price: For the Unit $219.00-$299.00 depending on features