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Kodi is a very popular application for a number of platforms and this has led to a number of YouTubers releasing countless videos with titles like Best Kodi Build ever!, Best Kodi app Ever! etc. Anybody with a brain knows that every single build can’t be the “the best” and every single app can’t be “the best”. This for the most part, is a marketing ploy, as is the use of attractive women in the thumbnails for the videos. That being said I wanted to point out to you a tool that I truly believe is a one stop shop for Kodi users. It is called the Community Portal. It was developed by a the same group that put together the program that used to be called Total XBMC.

The Community Installer does so many things that make using Kodi and its many forks, (alternate builds like SPMC),  easy to set up and update in the future.

A Kodi App Store
First and foremost the Community Installer is an amazing way to get made apps, skins programs and repositorys for Kodi. This includes hundreds of set up wizards. Apps are set up into multiple categories like Genre, Country etc so that you can zero in on what you are looking for.

APK Installer
Besides installing apps for Kodi, The Community Portal also has an APK store of sorts that allows users who have kodi set up on an Android device to add apps to their boxor phones without the need to even open a browser or application outside of Kodi. There are a vast number of applications available in this section including multiple versions of Kodi and SPMC. There are also some very helpful programs that expand the capabilities of your device whether using a standard Android device or a Fire TV. Fire TV users, for instance, may enjoy the ability to install alternative launchers. install Netflix and Hulu shortcuts to their programs section and set up their remotes to work as a mouse for side loaded Android applications.

Keyword Installer
The Keyword Installer is more potential than it is productive. The concept behind it is based on a feature found in a past product called “The Little Black Box” or TLBB. The idea is that users can enter a word of phrase that will allow the program to install a custom build. Unfortunately finding such keywords is more difficult than I would wish it to be.

Community Builds
this is another example of customization. In order to access community builds users will need to sign up for a free account with Noobs and Nerds.

How do you get the Community portal?
go to your file manager and type in the URL: http://noobsandnerds.com/portal

See full setup video bellow

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What is wrong with the total installer? Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little quick editing and entering a new URL. The Total Installer, which used to be housed at the website totalxbmc.tv now has a new home called noobsandnerds. At the moment users attempting to access the original site totalxbmc.tv will be redirected to noobsandnerds where they will find a collorful new site that is essentially linked to a new forum, the Community thenoobsandnerds forum. Gone is the black and green dominated site that became a familiar landing spot for Kodi enthusiast looking to add an app store for Kodi or XBMC,

Why the new Address?
The owner of totalxbmc.tv sold the website and its properties to a Chinese company which has moved the information to Chinese servers and rebranded it.

Is there still a Total Installer?
No. There is still a functional way to add addons but it has been rebranded as The Community Portal.

How Do You Add The Community Portal

  1. To add the Community Portal go to systems -> File Manager -> Add source and type in the URL http://noobsandnerds.com/portal
  2. Name the source Community Portal
  3. Back out of the file manager and select settings
  4. Scroll to Add-ons
  5. Install from zip file
  6. Select The File
  7. Select Community_Portal_Repo.zip press ok/enter
  8. select noobsandnerds_repo.zip and press ok
  9. Back out of settings and scroll to Programs
  10. Select Program add-ons
  11. Select Get more
  12. Select Community portal and press ok


I was a member of the Total XBMC Site Do I have to register again?
No. Your original login will allow you to access the features. Just be sure to differentiate between Your registration email and your actual user name.





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Total installer, which has functioned as an unofficial app store for XBMC for some time  is working to become a quick configuration wizard as well.

Users will notice a new section of the Total Installer called Install Popular Packs
Users will notice a new section of the Total Installer called Install Popular Packs

Configuration wizards like the Fusion XBMC Hub/TV Addons wizard ,  and the Xunity talk wizard have helped users add new addons with just a few quick clicks, once the needed repositories were in place.

At the moment the configuration packs are a work in progress, but the categories include sports, music movies, adult, Asian and country specific packages for the US and UK along with the fully loaded pack. At the time of this writing none of the configurations are inactive and to keep from causing confusion they are labeled “coming soon.” But once they are in place users will be able to add groups based on interests without having to add on multiple apps that have to be removed later to streamline the experience.

The Total Installer will deliver multiple configuration options to users.
The Total Installer will deliver multiple configuration options to users.

Ease of use key for adoption
There are two types of consumers in this world. Those who purchase products because they love to tinker and experiment and those who just want things to work when they turn them on and don’t care what’s in the guts.  Pleasing that second group of people is what makes a product popularly accepted. In the case of XBMC we are not talking about a product as much as a platform. Through the continued innovation of developers like the team at Armada with their cloud word configuration installer, Total XBMC, Fusion and Xunity talk XBMC is slowly becoming as easy to understand other more widely known platforms like Roku. And as it becomes more popular it could very well become more accessible on more platforms.

Android for set-top box has flashy features

Armada, the maker of the quad core Mach 8 set-top-boxes for Android and Linux will soon launch a new Android Firmware Code Red For Armada Mach 8. The update, which effortlessly integrates social media in with an easy to navigate Android UI, also includes Armada’s XBMC build to create a smooth personal Android experience unlike anything on the market.

Code Red For Armada Mach 8 offers Easy Android Navigation

Users can easily access settings and features, via a simple to use navigation menu in the left corner. They will have quick access to their own media including pictures, video, music and even docs without having to navigate to a separate screen or app. The look and feel reminds us very much of the XBMC skin Metropolis. A simple quick launch bar at the bottom of the screen will allow users to add Android pre-installed apps and access the Google play store to add games and other favorite features.

Social Media Integration through Filmstrip with Code Red For Armada Mach 8

This UI appears to be a spiritual successor to Boxee that essentially turns your TV screen in to a social media command center. Users will be able to sign in to their social media at launch and pick which feeds to filter through a windowed UI using the included remote. Users will be able to quickly scan through social media info allong with other fun content like music videos, YouTube, movie trailers and more.

Users will be able to personalize their experience with widgets.
Users will be able to personalize their experience with widgets with Code Red For Armada Mach 8 firmware upgrade.

If users want to change the look a bit they can. Users can change their backgrounds and add widgets to meet their needs.

Includes New XBMC Skin
Android users who may have been jealously drooling over the new custom XBMC skin that launched with the Mach 8 Pure Linux will be pleased to see that the new skin which integrates the Total Installer and Cloudword is part of the firmware upgrade. For more information on the Armada branded XBMC skin check out our article here. To view the teaser video for the new firmware click below. The Streaming Advisor will have a far more detailed full review once we have a chance to look at this system live.

Code Red Mach 8 Android Teaser Video


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Armada, makers of the Mach 8 Android 4Kare set to release the new Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux. The box will feature a quad core processor, and ship with a customized XBMC skin running Gotham 13.2. While the quad core power is a major hit with this box the skin is what may set the product apart in the marketplace. The developers have put a great deal of thought in to ease of use. We have been able to beta test the unit and have found some snazzy features. Find out all about the new box in the Streaming Advisor’s Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux Review.

The Armada Mach 8 OTA Updates
Armada Updater
The new Armada Mach 8 will feature simple over the air updates with the push of a button. The Armada Update Service is located under ADD-ONS and programs. In our tests this service worked beautifully. So save those toothpicks for when you get something caught in your teeth.

Easier to install apps than ever
One of XBMC’s most popular features is its ability to utilize numerous video and audio apps. The challenge of the platform has been how to find the ones you want. In the past this involved adding content sources, changing the entire structure of the skin and more. Enter Cloudword and the Total Installer.

Cloudword is one of the most user friendly features on the Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux. Users who access Cloudword,
located under ADD-ONS can add popular XBMC apps like CNET and others by just asking for them by name. Armada includes a list of Cloudwords with the box and there are more available online. Users can install all of the most popular packages of apps for their country and region by typing in one word or install a favorite like CNET individually. Cloudword will also download the repository for the given app.

Total Installer Virtual app Store for XBMC
There is no such thing as an XBMC app store on any XBMC build but this system comes close. The Total Installer functions very much like an app store. It provides shortcuts to download popular XBMC apps by allowing users to search for apps by name, repository and author along genres lists like sports, News etc. There is no longer a need to lookTotal Installer Video up repositories via the XBMC Wiki or troll for YouTube videos about your favorite apps.

Adding URLS
If a new apps source pops up that is not available through either of the Mach 8’s easy add-on options users will still have the option to add apps through the tried and true URL source via the file manager listed under System. But do note that if you install a different custom build of XBMC you will lose the Cloudword and Total installer features. The XBMC.org repository is still included also.

Paired down menu interface different but familiar
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux interface is simple to use and explore. It is designed to be compact so that each of its main menu categories can be displayed without any extra scrolling over. To accomplish this, certain features were placed into sub menus. For instance Weather, which is typically its own section of a standard confluence build is listed under ADD-ONS. The categories include Streaming, Videos, Music, Pictures Add-ons and System. It is elegant and easy to explore and may well help new adopters of the platform.

User guide included
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux ships with a helpful user guide that walks new users though the basics of setup, the cloud word installer and more. Armed with the guide a new user should be able to confidently launch the device and not

The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.

get lost in the weeds. But if they do there is help in the form of our next category.

There is a reason why GPS’s have become so popular. Because when it comes to directions people would rather someone just tell them how to do it or better yet show them how to do it first. The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux does just that. The most basic and yet all important features of how to use the box are covered in the Help section of Armada TX Box Guides. The guides show new users how to set up new network connections, how to use the innovative Cloudword and how to use the devices app store the Total Installer and Cloudword in a matter of seconds.

Quad core power, Linux Stability
As the heading implies, this box is fast. The system has al four cores enable to provide maximum speed andDSC_3918 performance as well as the very stable performance from the Linux operating system. New apps are downloaded and enabled from the Total Installer.

Want an Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux
If you are looking to add this Linux powered XBMC box to your home Theater it can be purchased at Theater In a Box by clicking HERE

To Purchase the Mach 8 Pure Linux from Amazon click here