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What is the Best Streaming service

Right now there are three companies offering cable alternatives via live streaming services. Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now. All three services offer a similar group of channels at varying prices but no one service has really taken the market. There are a number of reasons why this has not happened from people’s lack of understanding as to what the services do to a reluctance to drop traditional pay services. But there are some things that providers can put into place that will take things to the next level. The service that can pull together these features first will have a big edge against the competition.

The Best Live TV Streaming Service Will Do These Things

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The leader of the streaming video world by far is Netflix. With over 40 million subscribers worldwide and plans to expand its European reach the home of House of Cards seems like a fast rising star. The company recently said that it plans to step up the quality of its movie choices at the cost of some of its depth. The extra fees that the company is charging new users and Euro Zone users are going to help pay for the new media. But Amazon may be on the jolly red giant’s heels. The service is beginning to develop a compelling case.