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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Add Tablo to the Fire TV using Plex. The user created channel works like a charm to add DVR functionality to the popular Amazon Set Top Box. Check out our demo video bellow. Is Tablo On Fire TV? Not yet officially, but with Plex you can barely tell the difference.

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One of the most popular articles on our site over the past year has been how to install the unsupported app store. But visitors to the forum have been noticing an announcement that the Unofficial App store is no longer listed on Github. A lot of people have taken than to mean that the app store is no longer available for download at all. Good news friends, this is not the case. There are in fact still two ways to install the Plex unsupported app store.

The Plex UnSupported App Store Installer

The UnSupported App Store installer is a program that installs the Unsupported App Store in about a minute. There is a link for the unsupported app store installer on the forum page For an article on how to use TheUnsuppoted App Store Installer click our link here

Download the File and Install it Manually

The Streaming Advisor has a full guide on installing the Plex Unsupported App Store manually. If you need any tips and guidance click the link bellow.

Guide to Manually Install the Unsupported App Store
Check out our guide to install the Plex Unsupported App Store here

Get The Plex Unsupported App Store Bundle

Can You Watch The Superbowl On Roku? Yes. How? USTV Now for Plex. The latest version of Plex for Roku supports the USTV Now app. This means that Roku users can use the popular live TV provider to watch free network TV via their devices. This is a great way to access the service because it allows the user to access USTV Now on a Roku without the need to upgrade to the pay tier of the service. It is a welcome update from the previous version of the app which had ceased to support USTV Now. The USTV Now app also works on the Plex app for the Amazon Fire TV. We are unfortunately unable to test this on the Google Nexus Player. If you own either of these devices take a look at USTV Now.

For Instructions on adding USTV Now For Plex see our Story here 

Amazon Fire TV users have a chance to add Plex and AirPlay for Fire TV Free. Plex for the Fire TV usually $4.99 and the Mirroring 360 – AirPlay Receiver usually $6.99 are both free for a limited time. Anybody who loves streaming should jump on the opportunity to purchase these apps and here is why.

The two apps will give Fire TV users access to so much great content that is not available otherwise.


Finding something to watch on FIre TV is a much more visually stimulating experience.
With Plex users can add on-demand network TV content for free and catch up on their favorites plus much more.

If you are not familiar with Plex for Fire TV, it is a multifaceted media interface that lets users add tons of content channels to the Fire TV as well as access any digital content they own through a slick Netflix like interface. There is more to the process but you can read about it in this story on Plex here.

Mirroring 360 AirPlay Receiver
This add IOS full mirroring to the Fire TV. What does that mean? It means that what ever you can view on your IOS device can be seen on the TV screen. Now what it does not do is launch AirPlay features associated with IOS apps. The difference between AirPlay and mirroring is that when you engage a device

Amazon Fire TV  Stick users can mirror content from the last 2 generations of Fire Tablets
Amazon Fire TV users can use Mirroring 360 to share their IOS device display with their Fire TV.

with AirPlay you can close the app and use the device for other things. With mirroring your TV will only show what you are watching on the screen.

But with this feature you can browse websites, watch internet based video, watch IOS video and audio apps on screen, even listen to audio books through the Kindle App for IOS. This is a supercharged addition to the Fire TV and I highly recommend adding it even if you do not currently own an IOS device, just in case you add one later.

Where can I get the free apps?
All of the apps in Amazon’s free promotion are available here
Selections include games and even utility apps. Not all apps on the list are intended for use on Fire TV and will only be compatible with the Tablets, so sorry to all of you who want to add the calculator app to the TV. You will have to wait on that 🙂

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo users can now access their live TV and DVR content on almost any wireless device. Tablo recently expanded its app lineup to include downloadable web apps for IOS and Android smart phones. The company already offered apps for iPad’s, Amazon Fire Tablets and Android Tablets. Combine that with the Roku private channel, the computer based web app and the unofficial but very good Plex app and it looks like Tablo can be accessed on nearly any device in some way shape or form.

Though the apps are web based they are still accessed via their respective app

The Tablo web app for mobile phones gives users one more screen for quiet private viewing.
The Tablo web app for mobile phones gives users one more screen for quiet private viewing.

stores. For instance IOS users must first download the the app from the app store, then sync it with their Tablo unit. Once the web app is downloaded and set up it performs just like any other application on the device. It has its own touch based interface and does not show a URL at the top of the screen.

Tabo Apps
Roku Private Channel-
The Roku Private channel app accesses the Tablo and creates a simple interface for users to access live TV and recorded content. It is not as rich as the apps for mobile devices but gets the job done. Keep in mind though that the Roku App is not available from the Roku Channel Store. It is available though through Tablo’s website. We will provide a link to the apps section of Tablo’s site below.

Mobile apps for Tablets- The Fire Tablet, IOS and Android apps basically transform the tablet into a viewing screen from over the air signals. They have easy to navigate touch based GUI’s and provide access to the recordings from an external source. There are some limitations such as OS compatibility but for devices that meet the company’s specs they perform admirably.

Plex-The Plex app is not an official app. It was created by a Tablo fan for use on Plex but having used it I have to say that it gets the job done quite well. The app sets up a block based look with  basic icons for the key functions and allows users to chose the over the air station to view and even creates a nifty interface. While not as quick as the other options it is great way to access Tablo from a device like the Fire TV or Fire Stick which do not have a Tablo app at the time of this writing.

Tablo for Computers-Tablo’s web based app for computers is similar to the tablet apps except that it is set up with menus that work better for users with a mouse or touch pad. It creates a solid experience for those using a computer, and of course will provide users a larger screen than any Tablet.

Tablo Apps Page Click here

PleXBMC is a sort of Plex Shell for XBMC. If somebody has a Plex server in place they can use PleXBMC to access their content and channels on their XBMC media center. Check out the video below for more information.

Article on Plex click Here

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Have You used Plex or PleXBMC before? What do you like about it. What do you wish it would do?



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Server adds cable content to the Streaming Box

USA Network the home of original series like Graceland, Playing House, Psych and Suits does not have an official Roku channel. But that does not mean that you cannot watch USA Network shows on Roku. If you have a networked computer or laptop there is a very easy solution. USA Network has a Plex channel that accesses all of the content on the USA Network website and packages it nicely for view on the Roku. If you are not already familiar with Plex we have a number of stories about the service/server. See an intro story here. If you do not already have the Plex channel on your Roku here is what you need to do to add it.

What you need

An Internet Connected Windows, Mac or Linux Computer
Plex Media Server Download here
Plex Channel for Roku 4.99 Click Here  OR Free Private Roku Plex Channel Click Here

Once you have set up Plex are almost there

How to Add USA Network to Plex

  1. Make certain that the computer running Plex Media Server is and connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Make certain that your computer is running the Plex Media Server
  3. Open your preferred Plex Channel
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the menu to miscellaneous
  5. Click right to either the arrow or the Plus sign depending on your Plex app
  6. Click down to categories
  7. Click to the right and Choose TV (it is in alphabetical order)
  8. Click Right until you come to the USA icon and press ok and Install

 Enjoy Your favorite USA Network Shows on Roku

Once you have the USA Network channel installed on Plex you will now have access to any episodes that the network puts online with no hassle. Unlike the mobile apps that require cable provider authentication. Do understand though that USA swaps out its content quickly. So don’t put off watching a weekly series with the intention of one long Netflix styled binge session.

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The Plex App for Roku updated its look in the first major update for Roku in a long time. The new look gives Plex left to right based grid feel and larger channel icons.  This  updates the the GUI on channel though it still lacks the bright colors and flair of the app as seen on the Fire TV. The update also repaired some crashing issues associated with a number of apps.

Plex has been one of the most popular apps on Roku since its days as a private channel. It is always ranked as one of the top on the format and may gain an even larger audience when the new Roku TV’s begin rolling out in the fall. It will be worth keeping an eye on the channel to see if more changes show up for the new TV’s.

See demo of Plex Home Theater here


Easier to add channels

Plex has added a minor but helpful change. At the bottom of the new interface is a large Yellow plus sign. This is where users can quickly add new content channels from across the spectrum of Plex’s selection.

To download the Plex Media Center click here

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Plex and USTV Now Add New Content To Amazon's Streaming Box

Fire TV owners may as well make a full investment in the Amazon ecosystem.

If you want to be able to watch live TV on The Amazon Fire TV look in to USTV Now. USTV Now is one of the most popular ways for cord cutters to watch live network TV without cable. The service has a website and apps USTV Now Logoon various platforms. At the moment there is not a USTV Now app for the Kindle Fire TV but with Plex, a free media center program, Kindle Fire TV users can add live Network TV to their streaming experience. In general USTV Now is a great service for travelers, US nationals living abroad and those who live in areas where antennas are not a viable option for receiving TV signals. To find out how to use the service on the Kindle Fire please continue.