What You Need To Know About WWE Network’s Free Content

If you are a pro wrestling without the WWE network the WWE Network wants to change that. And it is doing so with a soft sell approach that invites possible subscribers to dive in and take a look at an assortment of content for free. The free content is presented without adds , which is a brave move by the network but seems based on a bet that the more you see the more you will decide to plop down $9.99 and start getting geared up for the next PPV event that will be included with the subscription along with every other PPV event in the history of WWE, WWF, WCW and the NWA. But there is some misunderstanding as to how exactly this offering works partially due to the way the WWE has promoted it and partially due to reporters not firing up the app themselves to take a look at it. So we set up some questions and answers to help you figure things out.

Is the WWE Network giving away programming for free now?


Is there are new free versions of the WWE Network app?

No. Despite the headlines about a “Free version” of the app, the free content is in fact built in to the existing app.

Can I just download the app and start watching?

No. You have to set up an account for the WWE Network. While some of the content is one click and watch, for instance the section marked “Watch for Free” the rest of the content will require you to set up an account with the WWE.

Does the account ask for a credit card?

If you sign up for an account when prompted for the free videos, no. On the other hand if you just go to the WWE website and start a new account it will ask for credit card and mailing info etc. You may unwittingly sign up for the pay version of the WWE Network.

Make sure you sign up correctly.

Ok Is all the free content broken up into one place?

No. It is all over the place contained within various programs and events. First of all and most easy to find is the WWE has set up a row of content called Watch for Free. This section is nothing more than promotional clips of match endings, character spotlights and other shorts almost identical to the content that would otherwise be found on the WWE YouTube page.

If you would like to find more substantial content like a parking pass where I went to college you have a license to hunt. For instance, today in the trending section is a mishmash of free and subscription only selections. Out of 25 selection over all 16 are free. I have a feeling that if this section is based on what people are really watching there will be lots of free selections found there. The Best of WWE features a substantial list of 31 selections including specials on WrestleMania, Ric Flair and many others.

Otherwise there are a number of things that can be viewed. But you have to know where to look. At the moment this is what is available to see for free. You can find it using the search function in the app menu or going to the individual show listings.

  •  Monday Night War
  • Ride Along
  • Table for 3
  • Photo Shoot
  • Story Time

    Recent episodes of WWE’s flagship programs

  • Monday Night Raw,
  • Friday Night SmackDown
  •  NXT
  • Select historical WWE pay-per-views and NXT TakeOver events
  • Top 10
  •  WWE’s The Bump
  • WWENow
  • The Best of WWE
  • WWE Timeline