Max Shipping Hits To Amazon This Month

Amazon will be delivering a bunch of WBD content this September with a lineup of DC titles as well as Oscar-nominated content. The slate reflects a drastic change in the philosophy at Warner Bros Discovery that saw the company choose to market its content outside of MAX which had been the exclusive home of a lot of studio content since the service launched. As HBO Max (Now MAX) began to build up it became the home of DC content much in the same way Disney+ became the home of MCU and other Marvel content. The service also held back rights to other Warner Brothers Pictures from being distributed on other steaming platforms or cable channels not owned by the company.

But David Saslav is bringing back a more traditional approach and will be able to cash in on existing IP without depending solely on new subscribers and box office hauls. It continues a trend that the company started months ago by putting its Justice League Cartoon universe back on Netflix and announcements that a new Batman animated show, originally meant for MAX, would in fact stream on Amazon instead. Stunningly Even 2022s Black Adam will be available which may tell us something about how WBD is looking to make its money back on the disapointing box office numbers of the Dwayne Johnson-led project.

The content is not limited to comic book content. Will Smiths’s Oscar-winning performance in King Richard will be available on Prime Video as well as the fellow Oscar-nominated “Elvis”.