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The Cord Cutting Guide at The Streaming Advisor is designed to be a one stop shop for people who are ready to stop overpaying for TV and tailor their entertainment with streaming. At the Cord Cutting Guide you will find the information about services and hardware and even a tool that will help you put together your own personalized cord cutting solution. Each section has been put together to help you figure out watch TV in a new way and save money for you and your family. Services outlines streaming options that mimic cable with more options and without the high prices. Devices covers the broad range of streaming boxes and dongles that can be attached to your TV to give you more options. Antennas will explain the new capabilities antennas offer in today’s environment and why you should consider investing in one. The Tool Box is a collection of helpful resources that to help you find content and plans that best suit your needs. Smart TVs lays out all of the different smart TV types and compares their features so you know what will work best for your unique needs.