Patriotic Movies To Stream For 4th Of July


The Fourth of July is coming up. If you want to get your patriotism on check out this short list of films to make you stand up and say USA!


The Patriot

Revolutionary war based story about a man who trains militias to combat the British.


Story of the US Hockey team that won a gold medal against all odds inspiring the phrase Do you believe in miracles.

Air Force One

The president of the United States is taken hostage aboard the most secure jet in the world. And it’s up to him to solve the situation.


Apollo 11

Nothing says USA like planting a flag on the moon. Apollo 11 is a film built from archived footage of the first moon landing.

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Captain America: The First Avenger

I mean It’s an All American Super Hero taking on Nazis. What else could be more patriotic?

The Great Escape

World War 2 era film that deals with an escape from a military prison. Classic film