Could Microsoft Buy TikTok?

I wonder if Microsoft wishes it still had Windows Phones? There have been reports of discussions between Microsoft and TikTok as well as the possibility that the short form streaming app may be picked up by a combination of two other firms Sequoia and General Atlantic, who hold seats on the board of directors for the TikToks parent company ByteDance’. A Microsoft purchase could undoubtably be a big win for the company that already offers an array of services and apps as well as of course the gaming platform, XBOX. One could only imagine what Microsoft might do by integrating gaming and the popular streaming application.

On the other hand if it is purchased by another vendor, the previously mentioned partnership between Sequoia and General Atlantic the app could very well continue to opperate as it has or disappear like so many before. Nobody is on WooWoo anymore. The Wall Street Journal citing people “familiar with the matter” reported that bidders have been asked to submit offers by the end of the week, and one of the parties could enter exclusive negotiations soon.

Microsoft, which recently announced a new XBOX console would have a true feather in its cap with a pickup of TikTok considering the overlap in the audience. Both are very popular with teenagers and Gen Z. Microsoft would certainly also enjoy having one of the top apps on IOS and Android long after it retreated from the mobile phone market years ago.

We will keep an eye on this story.

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