Plex Drops Some Features With New Update

Plex is in the process of a major update across multiple platforms that has seen it add a whole new way to search for movie and TV show content across all of a users media sources. The new move allows users to search their own servers along with content available directly from Plex’s free ad-supported content as well as instantly search for content across third party streaming services like Netflix, Fubo TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Vudu and so many more.

The newest update though does drop a few features off of the media app including its podcast player and the Web shows, which have been in place for quite some time. According to a representative from Plex the app “just never met the bar we set for it”. The company plans on getting the entertainment-related web show stuff sprinkled throughout the app where appropriate. But as of right now, neither service, which reportedly had a very low use rate, are built into the app anymore.

Those who want podcasts have a multitude of services to pull them from including iTunes, Spotify, I Heart Radio and more.

The new app on Android TV allows users to launch third-party apps directly from Plex in order to enjoy any content suggested via the new search. See our video below for a demo.