The cable replacement space has grown and diversified since Sling TV dirst hit the scene. Two popular services that come to the cable replacement world from a more unique angle are Philo and FRNDLY TV. No I didn’t leave out any vowels, but obviously FRNDLY is meant to be seen as Friendly TV. Both services give user the option to have a streaming service that cuts overall costs by not offering local broadcast networks, sports channels and 24 hour news channels. That slate of programming drives the high cost of the cable bundle with rate increase demands every year. By eschewing them both services are able to use their budgets for general entertainment channels only and keep costs way down. There are some key differences in the channel lineups and features between the two. This guide is meant to help break things down for you.


Philo was the first service to launch to realize that there are millions of people out there who watch TV that don’t give sports a second thought, or the first one for that matter. It also ignores 24 hour news networks. For some, that is a big problem but the formula keeps the price of Philo far lower than what you will find with many other services. And though its prices have slowly risen since its launch its lineup is a strong mix of lifestyle and general entertainment channels. At the moment Philo offers 64 general entertainment cable channels.

What channels do you get On Philo?

Philo offers some of the most popular channels outside of the sports and news world including Channels from AMC Networks like AMC & BBC America, the full slate of Viacom properties including Nickelodeon and VH1, Discovery Networks channels such as Discovery, HGTV, The Food Network, Magnolia Network. It even offers The Paramount Network which is home to Yellow Stone. But as lineups for services change over time we wanted to provide a link to the official listings. See The Philo Channel Lineup here

What do I need to stream Philo

Aside from the obvious one, Internet access, the Philo App is available via Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android/Google TV along with apps for Android and iOS phones along with streaming on computers.

What does Philo Cost?

  • $25.00 per month
  • 3 devices at a time
  • 10 profiles each user gets their own personalized viewing experience and watch history

Does Philo have a DVR? 

Yes Philo offers an unlimited DVR that will keep recordings available for 1 year. So don’t wait too long.


FRNDLY is the most basic way to approach a service with no news, sports, or major broadcast network channels (NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC.) With plans to soon offer 41 channels (right now its 38) and plans as low as 6.99 a month the streamer has a limited but very valid niche in the streaming world where people are looking to save big money on bloated services but still watch the TV they enjoy. One of its better features is called 72-hour look back. That gives viewers a chance to see anything that has aired in the last 3 days without the need to use a DVR at all. It just makes the window a bit more limited.

What channels do you get on FRNDLY?

FRNDLY has access to channels from A&E Networks so it means things like The History Channel, A&E etc. It has multiple Hallmark-based channels, Lifetime Networks Channels, and a number of channels that would otherwise be available via an antenna (MeTV, Decades) or through other internet-based services. Services add and subtract channels over time. So rather than publish a list that might change see The FRNDLY Channel Lineup straight from the source here

What do I need to stream FRNDLY?

Aside from the obvious one, Internet access, the FRNDLY App is available via Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android/Google TV along with apps for Android and iOS phones.

What does FRNDLY Cost?

There are three levels of service with increasingly expansive options


  • Standard Definition (still looks very good on an HD or 4k TV)
  • 1 stream on 1 screen at a time


  • High Definition (Not offered in 4k)
  • Stream on 2 screens at a time
  • DVR Keep Recordings 3 months


  • High Definition (Not offered in 4k)
  • Stream on 4 screens at a time
  • DVR (Keep Recording 9 months)

Does FRNDLY have a DVR? Yes

The 8.99 and 10.99 tiers have unlimited DVR with a big caveat. The recordings are not kept permanently.