Some HBO Max Customers Invited To Add Discovery+ For 99 Cents

HBO Max and Discovery+ are now owned by the same company, the newly branded Warner Bros Discovery. And until now there was little evidence of this fact other than a realighing  of the HBO Max app that breaks down a lot more like Discovery+ does. But this week some HBO Max customers were offered the chance to add the ad-supported Discovery+ streaming service for .99 a month for four months.

This is the first significant move towards, if not combining the apps, at least trying to find a way to bring to big families of content together. It should be noted that Disney does follow a similar pattern where it offers Disney+, Hulu’s on-demand service, and ESPN plus with a major discount if customers get all three services as well as building in Disney+ and ESPN+ into the package for users who subscribe to Hulu’s Live TV cable replacement plan.

Is this how the company will price things as time marches on? I don’t know. But I doubt it. The move might be to see just how interested HBO Max customers are in Discovery+ content in the first place. There are most definitely people who would get both services and or have both already who would be glad to take a discount moving forward. But what Warner Bros Discovery does not know is if the public at large would look at say one app with all the content built-in as a great way to see everything they love or see it as being held over a barrel and forced to pay for reality TV when they want commercial-free premium service. The same could be said for Discovery+ fans who like the current pricing structure and content in Discovery+ who could care less to see the new Game Of Thrones series or the next season of Titans or The Watchmen.

We have been of the opinion that one app with everything built-in would be unwieldy and confusing to market. But that’s just our humble opinion.

Would you be interested in getting those two services together at a discount?

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