Check Out These New Pluto TV Channels

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Pluto TV new channels for this October including one chocked full of mockbusters. The Asylum channel, from the studio that brought us the Sharknado series and Sharktopus brings sci-fi fun as we enjoy cooler weather. Just in time for Halloween a Ghost Hunters channel is also ready to launch. Yes, it’s supposed to look green and funky, your TV is fine. See more on Pluto’s new channels below.

  • Real Disaster Channel: Hard-hitting disaster and survival stories, the Real Disaster Channel delivers high-octane edge-of-your-seat adventure.
  • The Asylum: From the studio that brought you Sharknado, The Asylum Movie Channel offers the very best in Original Films and TV, featuring action-adventure, sci-fi, horror, late-night thrills and more. Popcorn and beer is a must!
  • Pluto TV Icons: If there’s one thing Pluto TV understands, it’s being among the stars. Watch the brightest talents throughout Hollywood history in the roles that made them legendary on Pluto TV Icons.
  • Dynasty: Join the Carringtons and Colbys as they manipulate and backstab in the pursuit of money, love, power, and oil. Watch all the drama, all the romance, and all the shoulder pads any time on Pluto TV.
  • Classic TV Variety: Flashback to the greatest comedians, musical acts, and performers in TV history and relive their iconic performances 24 hours a day on Pluto TV.
  • Action Drama: Strap in for the most pulse-pounding shows on TV. From undercover cops to military heroes, you’ll find high-powered thrills around the clock on Pluto TV’s Action Drama channel.
  • Ghost Hunters: Jason Hawes and his team of paranormal investigators, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), cross the country searching for answers in the nation’s most haunted locations.

90’s Kids: Nickelodeon takes you back to the 90s with Rugrats, Hey Arnold! Kenan & Kel and more. It’s all your favorite Nick 90s shows that made The Splat that defined a generation – now you can relive the fun with your own family every day on Pluto TV!