Best Kodi Skins Repo

Kodi has always been a media center that had a customizable look and feel. Unlike almost every interface out there for PC, Mac, Android or anything else Kodi is sort of what ever you make of it. But most folks out there are not Python programmers. But there are lots of people out there who totally are. And they have done a lot of good work. But finding it can be tough unless yo know what rabbit holes to jump down.

In general finding custom skins for Kodi usually involves downloading some sort of super build being called “The Best Kodi Build of, what ever month it is at the time. The builds are loaded with links to copyrighted material and can be bloated with extensions and repositories. But for those who just want to design a media player interface for what ever they are using to watch their own media look no further than Guidos Skin Base.

Guidos Skin Base has skins built for Kodi releases all the way back to Kodi 15. It has hundreds of them. Simple ones, movie themed, game themed, builds that use any number of variations on color look and feel. And best yet, none of them are built with a bunch of non working extensions. This means that you can build out what you want and put it in place how you like.

How do you get it? Follow the steps bellow.

Select Setting Gear

Kodi settings
Start by clicking the settings button that looks like a gear.

Select File Manager

Guidos step 2
Select file manager to add new programs to Kodi.

Select Add source

Guidos Add New
This screen lets you access the interface that lets you add URLS to Kodi and upload new programs.

Select the heading in the Add file source that says <None>

Guidos 4th step
Select the heading that says none.

Type this URL in to the box And Name it Guidos. Click Ok. 

Guidos 5th step
Type in the URL as shown in the picture. Don’t Forget to enter a name for the media source.

Exit the File Manager and select Add-ons

Guidos 6th step

Select Install from zip file

Guidos 7th step
Zip Files can be accessed from this menu.

Select Guidos and click OK.

Guidos 8th step
If you named your file correctly is should appear here.

Select the Kodi Master Skin Base

Guidos step 9
Select Kodi master skin base

Select the repository.master file as shown in the picture and click OK

Guidos 10th step
Once you select the master file make sure to actually click OK.

Exit the zip file menu and click on Install from repository

Guidos 11th step
Guidos skin base will now be in your list of repositorys.

Select the Guidos Master Skinbase repository from the list

Guidos 12th step
Guidos skin base should be displayed

Select Look and Feel From the listings

Guidos 13
Look and feel is where you will find over 500 Kodi skins.

From now on you can access the 500 or more skins right here without any extra steps

Guidos 14th step
You should be all set

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial and enjoy you Kodi experience in the future.