How To Get Local Channels Without Cable

Are you looking to drop cable but concerned with how you will be able to get local channels, which are home to everything from top-rated TV shows, NFL Football, and important local news and safety information? Local channels have become broadly associated with cable but there are ways to get the content without out it. In some cases, you can get everything you ever wanted from them for free. Take a look at our guide here.


There are lots of people out there who have gotten so used to the idea of network TV being a cable offering, bc they are built into packages, that they never think of antennas as a way to watch TV at all. But people who ignore this option make a mistake. Getting TV with an antenna is not a one-stop option. It may not even work where you live. But if it does you are golden. There are a number of tools that you can use to see if it is worth an investment. The first place to start is Antenna Web.

Some people swear by the small rectangular indoor antennas. And in some cases, they are all one needs. But those cases are where users live very close to broadcast towers. They are inexpensive and can be put up in a minute. We have found that we get better results with an outdoor mounted antenna. This prevents interference from the roof and walls from affecting the strength of the signal.


Locast is an app built to provide local TV signals to people fr $5.00 per month. This app uses streaming to provide the channels people would receive over the air or via a cable package. Like antennas, this option will not work for everybody. In this case, it is because Locast is only available in certain markets. But in the places where it is available, users report high satisfaction. Technically the $5.00 charge is not a fee but a “voluntary” donation. The thing is that without the donation one gets constantly peppered with requests for the donation to a point where it interferes with the service. So consider it a fee.

Paid Cable Replacement Services

There are a number of paid streaming services that are built to provide cable channels without contracts and other high fees. Whether they are a true cost savings all has to do with how expensive your cable service is. The paid services that provide network TV channels as part of their TV package range between $55-$65 per month and do of course require Internet access as well. You know your bill not me. But there are places where TV on its own costs $200.00. Services that provide network coverage can be patchy depending on the deals they are able to put together with channel owners. But using the tools on their respective websites can let an individual user find out what they will receive. Check this out before jumping on with a service. Streaming services that offer Network channels include YouTube TV, Hulu With Live TV, Fubo TV, and VidGo.

News Channel Apps

For some the main reason that they want access to local channels is because of local news broadcasts. If this is the case it is worth it to look into a couple of things. The first place to start is NewsOn. NewsOn is an app that links multiple news broadcasts together where users can tune in to live and recorded broadcasts. Is your area covered? Again it depends. The app has a tool that breaks down markets by state.

Another good way to find local news broadcasts is via apps from the channels themselves. Take a look for the call letters for the channels in your area on your chosen streaming platform. Literally, type the network name. For instance, our local NBC Affiliate is WRAL. There is a WRAL app that has live streaming of all the local newscasts.