Quibi Wins In Court Over Technology Claim


Next TV is reporting that Quibi will be able to force Quibi to stop using the Turnstyle technology that sets it apart as a mobile streaming app. The Turnstyle setup allows users to choose to view features in full screen whether in portrait or landscape mode by utilizing two types of filming methods. A company Eko has argued that Quibi copied the technology after seeing a demonstration of it years ago.

“We are extremely pleased the Court ruled today that Eko has not presented a credible case for a preliminary injunction,” Quibi said in a statement. “Eko has no case against Quibi—this is a frivolous lawsuit brought by a company and CEO looking for a payday. We will continue to aggressively defend ourselves.”

The service has yet to make an impact on the industry in the face of what many view as a botched rollout.