Can you watch Hulu on tablets without paying? Yes with a number of exceptions.

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Ryan Michael Downey

Want to watch Hulu on your tablet, phone or TV? With the latest update to the Hulu Plus app for Android, users can sign in and use a limited version of the service without signing up for a Hulu Plus account. All that is required is an email address and providing basic demographic info. There are numerous differences between full access with Hulu Plus and the new offering, more on that bellow. For a story on how to watch the free version of Hulu on TV click here. Read the rest of this entry »

Time Warner Cable Going South With 300 Mbps Internet Will New Plans Stop Google Fiber?

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Ryan Michael Downey

Time Warner Cable knows it’s in for a fight with Google Fiber. The cable company and ISP will be bringing 300 Mbps Internet to Raleigh NC, Dallas Texas, Austin Texas and San Diego Ca.  Google Fiber has been on a march through Texas setting up shop in Austin and targeting San Antonio as a potential expansion partner. Read the rest of this entry »

Can I watch Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special Online? Hulu Is Gearing up for Dr Who’s New Season

Dr Who

Ryan Michael Downey

Dr. Who fans have a lot of new content to flock to on Hulu Plus. In anticipation of the fall season of the long running British science fiction franchise the service is now streaming the most recent season of the show, the Dr Who 50th Anniversary special along with the most recent Read the rest of this entry »

Can You Watch Live Sports On Apple TV? Brazillian Fans Can Apple Adds Three New Channels Including One In Latin America

Ryan Michael Downey

Apple TVNo new Apple TV will in 2014
Apple TV is getting some updates amid multiple reports that the hardware will be current through 2014. There have been near constant rumors that Apple was set to release a new model for Apple TV with speculation that the new device would contain everything from an app store, 3D video games and live TV capabilities. This has never come to fruition. Now reports are that an updated product will not be seen till 2015. The Streaming Advisor will continue to monitor this story.

Update for current system adds CNBC and Fox Now
Fox Now is a free streaming service from the FOX broadcasting network that allows users to watch episodes of Network programming via set top and mobile devices. The service operates very much like Hulu Plus except that it does not have a monthly fee and of course it only has Fox content. To fully unlock its features one must sign in using a participating pay TV provider by going to settings and following the prompts. There is a surprisingly scant group of participating providers. If your provider does participate you will find as many as the last 8 episodes of numerous seasons though some such as the already cancelled Almost Human only provide assorted clips. There are selected episodes of some current shows available without authentication including episodes of the new Cosmos.

Financial Network, CNBC, has also joined the Apple TV family of apps. The offering allows viewers to see recent episodes of CNBC television series such as

CNBC offers a number of viewing options especially to those with a pay TV provider.

CNBC offers a number of viewing options for business news

Restaurant Startup, The Profit and American Greed. There is a live feed option for those who can authenticate a pay TV subscription. Also available are fresh clips from the day’s financial news stories, select on-demand episodes of its original programs and multiple segments from its business reporting shows. Even those without cable can follow what is happening in the financial world via this app though the full experience can not be achieved without being able to sign in. With the addition of CNBC and Fox Now Apple TV offers 44 app/channels to US customers.

Apple TV adds Brazilian Sports Channel
Apple TV has released its first live sports channel for a Brazilian audience adding Esporte Interativo to its lineup. The move gives Apple an offering that will appeal to one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Esporte Interativo offers 24/7 sports for $5.00 a month in Brazil but is unavailable to US customers at the moment.


The SEC Network With ESPN May Be A Mistake For The SEC In the Long Run

SEC Network

Ryan Michael Downey

Live sports is the most important quantity on TV. All of the players in broadcasting can see this which is why ESPN is locking conferences in with these exclusive broadcasting contracts disguised as networks. The conferences feel like they are getting a great deal from ESPN/Disney and they are making a bundle of money from the arrangements, but what the conferences do not realize is ESPN is only the powerhouse that it is because conferences are willing to bypass direct distribution to the fan base in favor of short term pay outs. Read the rest of this entry »

Can You Watch RHN For Free? Yes

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Ryan Michael Downey

The Real Hip-Hop Network, featured on the Streaming Advisor here is currently offering new customers a free viewing plan. Customers need only go to the network and register. RHN does not ask for any payment Read the rest of this entry »

New Roku Channels Review for 7-26-2014

Todays Roku channel update comes a few days late. The Streaming Advisor owed wife and family some vacation time. We took a look at 7 new Roku channels for the week. If you enjoy animals we may have a winner in te Big Cat TV.

TEXFLIX is a small collection of country western videos along with movies based around Texas culture. The app does not have a great deal of fresh content but it is easy to navigate and broken up in easy to follow grids. Has potential

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Big Cat TVBig Cat Rescue TV
Big Cat TV has educational videos featuring exotic cats from lions and tigers and more. This is a great channel for nature enthusiast. The sort of thing one might find on Animal Planet

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SlideSlide (1.99)
Lovely high quality pictures phase through your Roku. Another what we call on line coffee table books. Stunning pictures always make you feel good about that big screen.

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Flight TV PlusFightTV  (4.99 per month)
Selection of videos categorized based on the form of fighting. Visitors will find the sweet science (boxing) MMA style fighting and even scripted fighting from European professional wrestling organizations. This is a channel that delivers what it advertises which is a lot more than we can say for a number of Roku Channels.

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UHC TV is a public outreach of United Health Care. Meant to be a resource for self help and education it operates on what I refer to as the classic Roku left to right scroll. Rather poorly organized and hard to find specific information quickly.

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Live with CeCe & CezerLive with CeCe & Cezar
Collection of videos chronicling the life and times of the family and friends of the people titled in the app. It kind of reminds me of watching somebody’s home movies. Videos are decidedly not in HD. Limited reach.

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Blind Cat Rescue and SanctuaryBlind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
Live feed of cat’s who live in a shelter for cats. Not much else to say. Do you love watching cats sleep, and hang out? This is what cat’s do best of course. If so then this is definitely the right channel.


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