Tubi TV, New Movie App For Amazon Fire TV

A new movie service has come on the scene. The service an Amazon  Android app called Tubi TV is promoting itself as the world’s largest FreeTubi TV TV service. The app launched on March 11 and is currently available on the Amazon Fire TV set top box. As of now it is not available for the Roku or Apple TV. The service features movie collections and TV shows from multiple studios but centered on Independent and Art House films.

Not the largest Free TV Service
Despite its billing, the choices for movies and TV shows on Tubi TV are a bit limited. Many of the films available would be unrecognizable to the average movie fan. The service reminds us more of a knock off of the growing Popcorn Flix app available on multiple platforms. The largest “legal” free movie and TV service Read the rest of this entry »

Would you Pay to Watch Sherlock on PBS Apps? PBS May Launch Premium Service

Ryan Michael Downey

PBS may be looking at expanding its mobile app options based on a survey that the network sent out to customers on its email list. ThePBS Logo PBS App, which provides full length episodes of its programs as well as archived episodes of many classic shows like the Joy of Painting, is available on a number of mobile platforms as well as set top boxes. It is one of few mobile and set top box apps that provides libraries of full length programming without advertisements or a subscription fee and has become a go to application for many looking for science, cultural and public affairs Read the rest of this entry »

Why Doesn’t Netflix Work With the Fire TV Voice Search? Because the Device Is Designed To Cash In On Amazon Streaming Not Promote It Universally

                                                                                                                                                                                       Ryan Michael Downey

Amazon Instant Video LogoDespite the stubborn insistence by many that Roku is the leader of the set top world the truth is that of all the set top box owners out there 48 percent of them own an Apple TV.   Roku makes up about 28 percent of the market.  Apple TV made over 1 billion dollars in profit for the company through sales of the units as well as the purchase of TV shows and movies through the iTunes store. Amazon wants in on that game.

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Where did the Roku LT Go Streaming Stick Replaces the Purple Box on It’s Website

Apparently Roku’s magic number is 4. Roku has stopped advertising the Roku LT set top box as the entry level device on its website. This shouldRoku LT Picture come as no surprise as its functionality and price point have been essentially replaced by the stick which unlike the LT offers native YouTube support.  Not to say that there will not be Roku LT boxes floating around the Internet and big box stores all the way through the next holiday season. The Roku streaming stick even though it is the latest product from Roku takes a step back from the Roku 3 as far as processing but does offer quite a bit more than its prime competitor, the Google Chromecast.

Pocorn Flix Kids

popcorn Kids

Ryan Michael Downey

Popcorn Flix, the increasingly popular free video app has begun to offer its own children’s app. The app is available for IOS and Android devices as well as Roku. The app provides both live action and animated feature films with family themes. Like the Netflix kids section but its own app entirely.

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Is Netflix Being Intentionally Slighted By Amazon

Ryan Michael Downey

The Fire TV has been available for a little over a week right now. While the Fire TV is generally well

Netflix's interface on Roku 3 is much preferred to its Amazon counterpart.

Netflix’s newest interface found on products like the Roku 3 is much preferred to its Amazon counterpart.                                                        (click for larger image)

regarded people are beginning to notice some issues. For one, consumers do not understand the ASAP feature that is supposed to predict what you are going to want to watch based on viewing habits and in turn preload the content so that it starts more quickly, Amazon Instant only of course. Another complaint is that many expected child friendly service “Free Time” to be included at launch and it is not. “Where is HBO Go” is regular question on forums but the thing that is coming up again and again is the online company’s handling of Netflix.    Read the rest of this entry »

Can Roku search for Channels? Universal search will return available Channels

We discovered a simple yet helpful aspect of the Roku universal search. Everyone who has read a review about the Roku universal search knows Roku Channelsthat it is set up to return results from many of the most popular media providers based on names of movies, actors, directors and more. But Roku helps its users find it official channels with the search too. The Roku offers over 1200 official channels and the list grows longer every week and it organizes the channels by category in its channel store. But sometimes it is unclear which genre a given channel is listed under. In that case it might be easier to fire up the Roku search and type the name of the channel in. If it is available it will be listed with all of the other results. For instance if you are looking for History Channel you will get results like American History X or the History of the World, but you will find the actual history channel. This feature will become more and more helpful as selections


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