Yahoo Looking For Its Own Hit Show

Ryan Michael Downey

Yahoo Screen LogoYahoo is eying its own hit net based series. Like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, Yahoo is looking to try its hand at mining Internet Gold by greenlighting a project to define its place as an Internet broadcaster. According to Variety the shows will have budgets of up to two million dollars per episode. Will the company be able to shed its image as a search engine and news source to become a go-to destination for scripted material? The formula has worked very well for Netflix, which has won critical and popular acclaim for House of Cards and Orange is The New Black. On the other hand Amazon has not managed to generate the same kind of acknowledgement with its original faire despite its innovative pilot program.  Hulu’s many original shows have yet to truly capture the attention of the public.  Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon Adds 60 Games To Fire TV

Amazon Black

Ryan Michael Downey

The Amazon Fire TV, which launched with 100 games has added 60 titles to its game menu including a number of free to download titles. Amazon has promised thousands of game would be available for the Fire TV which also features support for numerous gamepads including its own controller. Amazon has been in the headlines today with the announcement of a new partnership with HBO that secured the exclusive streaming rights for a multitude of HBO Original series, movies and specials.  Read the rest of this entry »

Can you Watch HBO Shows Without Cable? You Can With Amazon Starting this May!

Ryan Michael Downey

Starting this summer HBO go will no longer be the exclusive home of series like the Sopranos Band Of Brothers and Deadwood. Amazon hasAmazon Instant Video Logo announced a new agreement with HBO that will bring a number of HBO’s archived programs to the Amazon Prime Instant Video service. This is a major haul for Amazon who until now has not had a lot to differentiate itself from Netflix. With its own set top device the Amazon Fire stealing headlines, this announcement is sure to keep Amazon squarely in the streaming world until the next great innovation. People have been clamoring for a chance to get ahold of HBO’s content online without cable for a long time. While the new agreement doesn’t cover shows that are airing at the moment like Game Of Thrones HBO, which spearheaded original premium content has an extensive library of series and original movies to rival any broadcast network.

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Netflix Price Change Only Affects New Customers

Ryan Michael Downey

Netflix will raise the prices of its streaming only service by $1-$2 dollars for new customers.  This price change does not affect current customersNetflix Splash Page except that it will provide Netflix with more money to spend on new programming. A number of outlets have been reporting the increase as though all Netflix customers are going to be charged more, but unlike other media distribution platforms Netflix rewards long standing customers. The price increase will only pay off if the online network continues to add customers. The question is will it? There are a few factors that may lead to more US customers.

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YouTube Now Available On All Devices Released Since 2011 Is Roku Mirroring or AirPlay Next?


Ryan Michael Downey

Roku YouTube Pic

The long wait for YouTube on Roku is over. The company announced that Youtube is now available on all current models of the player. Roku owners have been howling ever since YouTube was available for the Roku 3. The company even included YouTube on the Roku LT which is no longer sold on its website. Read the rest of this entry »

Netflix’s Reed Hastings May Testify to congress concerning Comcast Merger

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Senator Al Franken of Minnesota has invited Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to speak to  the senate committee hearing testimony concerning the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner. The merger would form the largest cable company in the country and give the company a great deal of influence concerning broadband/high-speed Internet access. Netflix and other video providers like the Hulu and could be crushed if cable companies and other ISP’s continue to squeaze access to those services via cell phone company styled data caps.


What is Pluto TV? Internet Video Platform brings the best of the Internet to computers, IOS devices and Android

Ryan Michael Downey

As broadband Internet connectivity has risen in popularity the amount of online entertainment options has ballooned with multiple logo vying for the attention of a media hungry public. The two most popular online entertainment options are Netflix and YouTube and both services have millions of viewers. Despite this, research shows that for all of the excitement surrounding online options the amount of time people spend watching online content (5 hours a month) pales in comparison to amount of time spent watching traditional TV (155 hours a month). The founders of a new video platform, think they know why and their new website and app are helping bring internet content to viewers in a nice easy package. Read the rest of this entry »


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