Do I Need YouTube TV To Get Sunday Ticket?

Since 1994 NFL Sunday Ticket was an exclusive property of the DirecTV satellite TV service. Starting in the 2023 NFL season fans will be able to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube and YouTube TV instead. But there is a lot of confusion in the media about what people will be required to do in order to sign up for the NFL service now that it is in the hands of Google. There have been reports that customers will first be required to be part of YouTube’s premium commercial-free service or even that they will be required to first subscribe to YouTube TV, which is a separate TV service that costs around $70.00.

This is not the case. Users who wish to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket will not be required to sign up for YouTube TV. They can sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket totally independently of any other paid TV service. The confusion is that YouTube TV customers will also be able to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket through the service as an addon more in the style of HBO and Showtime.

This is a big win for fans who in the past had to sign up for a service that cost north of 100.00 per month before having the opportunity to then sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket service for $300.00 a year. Essentially anybody who was a DirecTV customer just to get the NFL package will be able to save over 1,200 a year if they do not want to have any other cable-type service.

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