How To Get A Browser For Fire TV

Not all TV streaming platforms have the same apps. And a few have a major advantage because of that. One big leg up Amazon has over almost all of its competitors is that it allows users to download web browsers formatted to work on the Fire TV without the need for a keyboard or an air mouse.

Amazon quietly launched browsers for the Fire TV platform in the midst of a fight with Google over YouTube. By doing so the company allowed its users to gain access to the TV formatted version of the service even though it did not have an official YouTube app at the time.

Amazon currently supports two browsers straight from its app store. One, Amazon SIlk, which otherwise is labeled as “Internet”. This is a fast reader/viewer that allows users to access websites, create bookmarks and more all by using the device remote and a virtual cursor. The other is called “Downloader” It is a multi faceted tool that allows users to browse, save files and download and open files from websites. Downloader also allows for bookmarks/favorites. See what they look like and how to download them in the video below.