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Apple TV Generation 4

Is there anything more fun than sifting through numerous apps to find the one you want to see? Wait did you say yes? I bet you did. A new Apple TV update will soon be able to give set-top box users what they have been asking for since Roku offered more than Netflix. Folders.

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo will be moving into a new neighborhood this spring if all goes as planned. Apple TV’s App Store. Along with LG Apple TV is set to be the next home of the Tablo app which uses apps to distribute recorded content from a physical DVR to

This screen shot from the Tablo home page shows the elegant Apple TV grid.
This screen shot from the Tablo home page shows the elegant Apple TV grid.

TV’s and wireless devices in the home and even remotely. Tablo is different from many DVR’s because the device itself can be set up in a spot in the home where the best antenna signal is available and be connected to set top boxes from other parties like Roku, Fire TV and Android TV devices.

The Apple TV App is a long time coming for the company. It has wanted to be available to Apple TV customers since we first spoke with them in April of 2014. In a release on its website Tablo says the app should be available in the spring of 2016 and will be worth waiting for and that it will allow users to utilize Apple TV’s voice controls to skip commercials on request.

LG TV’s will be the first Smart TV’s with a Native Tablo App which will be based on the companies web based app but designed for big screen viewing. Both announcements should be great for cord cutters as more interesting OTA channels launch.

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We were able to load Kodi on to our current gen Apple TV last night. It took some trial and error but we took notes step by step so that we could share how to do it with you. In the end we are now running Kodi natively on the Apple TV and are proud to share this video with you today. To see our full step by step guide click here

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How do you Install Kodi on an Apple TV 4? It can be done without any any jailbreaking or funky hacking. In order to install Kodi on the new Apple TV you must download a number of free applications and follow the instructions step by step. In the end you will install Kodi on the new Apple TV without any need to hack you Apple TV or download a new operating system to the device.

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Apple TV Generation 4

Infuse, a media sharing app for Apple TV is a great solution for those looking for a way to access their digital media without the need to run a server like Plex on their networked devices. What infuse does instead is search for media across any device set up to share within a network and delivers it quite nicely. Though not as graphically rich as Plex it’s performance for movie and TV show playback can not be questioned. The App became available for download on Apple TV today. I have not had a chance to set it all up at the moment but if you would like to see what it looks like check out this video by YouTuber Ask Uncle Dave.

Now that all of the major players in the streaming world have given it their best shot the holiday season is upon us. If you are considering upgrading a current device or getting into the streaming game for the first time it might be tricky to really understand the difference. The three biggest players, Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV are all HDMI connected boxes with app stores and numerous app/channel choices. All three have a voice search feature, all have game options and cost between $100.00-$150.00 dollars. But there are distinct differences between the three formats. All offer most of the same essential services like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Watch ESPN and many more. But there are some major differences that often get glossed over on most comparisons. As opposed a comparison of apps we will concentrate on the things that make each of these devices unique. Find out which is best for you and answer the question What Streaming Box Should I Get?

New Apple TVApple TV $150.00-$200.00  (See our video demo here)
The 4th Generation Apple TV or “Apple TV 4” is the most expensive option on this list. At a cost of $150.00 it carries a premium price and sports an elegant OS and experience. Why is it so pricey? Apple does not subsidize the cost of its hardware in an effort to get people to buy in. The company makes premium products and convinces the rest of us that we are lucky to have a chance to buy them. The item is amazing for homes that love Apple products because of how it interacts with IOS and Mac devices as well as Apple based media, but offers a lot of goodies to (non Apple) people too.

One of its major selling points is that the controller has an accelerometer that allows it to work as an able remote for a number of games available on the box vs asking users to purchase another controller for games. The remote features a force touch supported touchpad like a small laptop used for navigation and selection. It also features minimal control buttons for playback and navigation. The remote also functions as a microphone for Apple’s popular Siri. Using the mic button users can access Siri for a number of functions that we will cover later.

What does it offer?
Apple TV supports the vast majority of major streaming apps like Netflix Crackle, YouTube Hulu etc. This much is expected. It also offers easy access to a user’s iTunes MP3 library, iTunes TV and Movie rental and purchasing options. This is great for those who have built a library of media over time for trips and distracting children. Most users will not notice what it not available outside of Google Play and Amazon Instant. It’s app store is constantly growing and promises to rival any format in numbers and diversity.

Innovative Video and audio Sharing options
One of its most interesting features is its ability to link up with IOS products to take advantage of AirPlay and mirroring. AirPlay allows users to launch video and audio apps to the Apple TV to expand its app capacity past what is offered through the device natively. This means that users with Apple products can watch movies and TV shows via Amazon’s Instant Video app which is not supported natively on the device (Apple does not play well with companies that offer services similar to it). Mirroring is similar to AirPlay is that it allows IOS devices to share screens with the Apple TV. But it offers the ability to fully display the device. This makes Apple TV a great presentation device for businesses, teachers and anyone who has to be in front of people. For more on AirPlay see this article on airplay on the previous Apple TV for more detail

It offers a diverse and growing list of games that can be played with the included controller. Nobody would confuse the Apple TV for an Xbox but the games are advanced and fun enough to encourage replay and the graphics are high quality. It very much rivals systems like the original Nintendo Wii and sports a number of games that are challenging and engaging like Role playing games, and even Disney’s new Infinity game. The games menu even suggests titles based on type like “Start your engines” for racing games or making suggestions based on the beauty of the graphics. For those just looking for a quick fix there are a number of simple titles ports of old games like Asteroids or Frogger that are simply casual time killers. The best games though take full advantage of the remote’s accelerometer and allow the player to control on screen actions through a combo of buttons and motions. Far more than a throw in feature, overall the games are good enough to be a consideration when purchasing a player.

Siri integration
The remote has a mic that allows users to ask Siri to open apps, and menus as well as provide basic info about weather, Sports scores and Info. It also searches across at least  platforms, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime and of course iTunes. Apple TV is a powerful streamer on its own that stands to add more and more functionality through new apps and software upgrades and an amazing addition to homes with IOS products. It promises to be a central hub for smart home integration and more.

Recommended for: Those looking for a sleek beautiful TV Interface, Families looking for a streamer with great game support, Those looking to extend the IOS experience to the big screen, those looking for dependable device to share content from IOS devices and those who want a premium aesthetic.

Roku 4 PicRoku 4 $120.00
Roku has been in the streaming business from the start. (See Video Demo here) An outgrowth of a secret Netflix project to bring its online streaming service to televisions during its infancy, the connected TV box has evolved to become the most open platform in streaming featuring access to apps (which it calls channels) from a majority of major platforms. It was one of the first to support Amazon’s streaming service and is home to essentially every on demand service available with the exception of iTunes. It offers over 3000 apps and has the most well organized app store of any on the market broken down by genre.

Never lose the remote
The Roku 4 has a (SUPER HELPFUL) feature that will page a lost remote.

Listen in private
The Roku 4 like some earlier models has a headphone jack for private listening. Users can plug  headphones into the remote and automatically turn off the audio on the TV. This has a number of helpful applications from quieting  noise in a bedroom to allowing someone to watch TV in a family room without disturbing someone who just wants to read. 

Voice Search/Content Discovery
Roku is famous for its search capability that includes at least 20 different services. Roku is able to do this because it has no turf to protect so offering selections from MGo, Cinema Now and VuDu poses no threat to its business model. Users can access this feature using both a dependable voice search via the devices remote or by accessing search via the home menu and on-screen keyboard. The search also allows one to know if content they wish to view or purchase is already available to stream via a service like Hulu or Crackle. This means that for any movie, actor or even subject matter users will be able to find the most expansive results by far. The voice integration does not talk back or interact in any way. It is just a time saver that helps users find something to watch quickly. 

Easy to Learn
The Roku interface is straight-forward and the easiest for new users to learn. As part of its advertising the company often sells space on its remotes to service providers like Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, Pandora and others. The buttons will open the labeled apps instantly and bypass the need to access the menu at all. There are never more than 4 “quick launch” buttons on a remote but this option should not be overlooked especially for those buying a gift for someone who is not tech savy. It also has the easiest to learn app store with simple categories that make finding new apps simple and intuitive.

App Diversity
Along with a number of on-demand movie and TV apps Roku offers the most sports apps including NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL live sports apps as well as options from independent sports organization and UFC. Roku also offers Sling TV, a service from Dish Network that gives customers a cable option with a number of packages starting at $20.00 per month.

Save Money On Cable
Roku can be a replacement for those extra cable boxes in homes with multiple TV’s. TWC customers can use the company’s app on any television in the home and access their entire channel lineup and on demand programming.

Roku offers a very limited selection of games that are playable with the device’s remote but unlike others on this list Roku has made little investment in games with most titles being simplistic low grade indie games save a few classics like Galaga, Pac Man and some addictive puzzle games like Tetris and Snake. No one in their right mind would buy a Roku for the games but they are a nice time killer now and then and fun for kids.

Mobile App
The most unique thing about the Roku amongst its competition is its smartphone and tablet app. All of the devices can be controlled with apps but Roku’s app provides users with options such as a quick launch menu featuring all of the installed channels and the ability to share photos, video and music on a given device to the Roku.

You can’t go wrong with a Roku. It is the most agnostic platform available and does not require any special equipment to maximize the viewing experience. By offering new content across numerous apps it gives users the best chance to save money on digital content. For instance it is the only media player that offers Google Play Movies and Amazon Instant Video. It has apps that will play Ultraviolet content and supports numerous ways to access personal media.  Roku also supports Windows display and Android mirroring.

Recommended for: Streaming beginners, Those looking for an agnostic platform, People who wish to play their own stored content those who enjoy customizing, people wanting a straight forward experience.

Fire TV Feature imageFire TV 2nd Generation ($100.00-$145.00)
The Fire TV is sleek and fancy. (See Video Demo here) It offers voice integration through Alexa. It is a streaming box, shopping tool and gaming option for those looking to do more than puzzles but less than the latest first person shooter. Its hook is that it is like a living room connection to the world’s biggest online retailer. Amazon’s own Fire Tablets can mirror content to the device as well as act as second screens for content and other features during prime playback. The system integrates any content stored in Amazon’s cloud including music and pictures. It is tightly integrated with the Amazon on demand and Prime Instant video catalogue as evidenced by the tremendous amount of attention its own offerings get on the home screen. Its App store offers a few unique options like the most complete version of Pluto TV (an app that mimics a TV package) compared to the other boxes featured in this story. Fire TV also offers a fast and stable Sling TV App.

Voice Search/Content Discovery
Amazon’s Alexa based voice search is set up to help users access a number of features from finding content to shopping. Users can access Alexa at the push of a button in order to purchase items from their past purchasing history, add things to an Amazon shopping list as well as purchase content from the Amazon content library including music, movies and TV shows. Alexa can search the app store to add and open apps and  even give you info like traffic reports, the weather and info gleaned from internet based services like Wikipedia. It talks back to you which is always good for a few laughs.

Great for Kids
One standout feature is the integration of the Amazon feature known as Freetime. Freetime is a closed section of kids content that parents can monitor, set time limits on and fill with the content that they want available for their children. Once in the Freetime setting one can not exit without entering a parental access code. This makes the device great for families who may be concerned with what their kids might access on a more open format. One could set up a Fire TV on Free Time and leave it that way permanently and essentially have a kids safe media player.

Android Powered Apps
Another popular aspect of Fire TV is that despite its name and GUI, it is really an Android based box. While it boasts an operating system call Fire OS its guts are Android all the way. The Fire TV even has access to programs like ES File Explorer and cloud based services that allow for easy sideloading of Android apps. The USB slot can also be used to upload apps and content via the file explorer or the Total Commander app.

Supports Kodi
Of the three devices the Fire TV is the only one that supports Kodi a major draw for some because of its ability to add third party content and integrate stored media. Amazon offers the ability to launch apps directly from mobile devices (provided that the app developers have integrated the feature. The app has to be side loaded but is an easy fix. (See a video on how to do it here)

The Fire TV boasts a number of quality video games but a majority of them require a separate game pad. Amazon offers its own but users can use any number of third party options. Its game offerings include games from Disney, EA Sports and even Game Fly Streaming. For those looking to maximize their Amazon gaming experience the company offers a game bundle that ships with a gamepad and a 32 gig memory card for more storage.

The Fire TV is a can’t miss option for those who are Amazon Prime customers because of the instant integration of media via your own account as well as access to Amazon’s music service. The device also features display mirroring for Windows 8 and up computers and Android phones with Android 4.4 and up.

Recommend for: Side Loading fans, Android lovers unwilling to jump in with Google’s Android TV Platform, Amazon Prime customers and families looking for the safest media player for their kids.

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Amazon instant video is one of the most popular video streaming services in the country. At last check it was second behind Netflix. Now how many people have the instant video service simply because they signed up for Prime for shipping and books, the company does not say. But regardless a consistent criticism of Apple TV has been that it does not have an Amazon Instant Video app. The thing is though that anybody with an iPhone 4s, iPad 4 or a number of iPhones can easily watch Amazon prime content on their Apple TV. This is because Apple TV supports AirPlay. With AirPlay users can launch virtually any app and watch it on TV. This is what the Chromecast was trying to copy in the first place. See the video for instructions on this method and learn how to watch Amazon Instant Video on Apple TV.

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Apple TV Generation 4

The new Apple TV, which has been christened the Apple TV 4 by the public at large, is going to be huge. We got ours last week and took a look at its interface and some of the features that make it unique in order to produce one of the very first videos about the device on YouTube. To watch the video walkthrough click here.

We wanted to have a chance to dive in and really explore and here is what we found. The Apple TVNew Apple TV Youtube pic 4 is a major upgrade from  its third generation predecessor. From the integration of an app store, a new Interface, Siri integration, a new remote, gaming and even just fun extras, the new Apple TV feels like a premium product and stands out amongst a crowd that includes the new 4K capable Roku 4 and 4k capable Fire TV “2” with Alexa. See what we found out.

App Store
The App Store was probably the most talked about feature of the new device when details were first leaked. Gone are the days of Apple just adding things to the home screen of the device. Now users can find what they want by searching for specific apps, using search based on subject and function for instance (music), (sports), (podcasts).  For some reason the Siri function does not allow you to

The App Store needs refinement for genre based searches but is a welcome new feature.
The App Store needs refinement for genre based searches but is a welcome new feature.

search the app store. Users instead must enter the info via Apple’s on screen keyboard. There are also prefab categories like “Featured”, where you will find major aps and popular games, things like Netflix or Watch ESPN. At this point there is a selection for sports, News and a few game subgenres. Users can search top charts to see what is most popular, there is a rudimentary categories (We expect this to evolve quickly) section featuring Games and Entertainment apps as well as a helpful section of purchased apps that combines the apps downloaded on the Apple TV with compatible apps that are on other IOS devices using the same Apple user name. This will prove more helpful as current IOS apps are ported for the Apple TV 4. While there is a lot to the app store it is missing something. A true category search. The IOS App Store on other Apple devices has an “All Categories” section where users can find apps based on type the current Apple TV app store only lists in broad strokes. The purchased apps section of the app store is broken down by category. We expect to see this change as the store continues to grow. The device already supports over 1200 apps (we counted).

One of Apple’s headlines on the new device is Siri. Siri essentially acts a search assistant. It can open installed apps, and the app store itself as well as search for content on the Apple TV with results from iTunes, Hulu, Netflix. It can also give you basic info like weather reports and such. Something that we were disappointed with though is that the system does not audibly respond to questions. Instead it provides a text response. There is a workaround in place for those who are sight impaired but it will read out everything on a screen as you browse. One issue I had consistently was asking for “Hulu”. Siri often responded with “Who Indeed?” There is no evidence that Siri was being evasive though as other apps I asked for opened with no problem. I was hoping for a more iPhone or iPad like experience. Like voice searched on other products like the Roku 3&4 as well as the Amazon Fire TV and Android TV platform, Siri does not allow you to search inside of appsThis means if you are using Netflix you can not ask Siri to search for a movie you want to watch. Searching in apps still requires use of an on screen keyboard.

Available Apps
The new Apple TV launched with over 1200 apps in its app store. Included are stalwarts like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, PBS and YouTube. Like the previous model users can also access major sports apps like the NFL app, NBA League Pass. There are also a number of “TV Everywhere” apps like Watch

Apple TV recognizes apps that you have previously downloaded on to devices using your Apple ID.
Apple TV recognizes apps that you have previously downloaded on to devices using your Apple ID.

ESPN, The History Channel and more. That is a strong start and you can expect to see it grow quickly. There are well over a million apps in the IOS app store for mobile devices. Not all of them would make sense on a TV device of course (want to use your Apple TV as a leveler?)  but a number will likely make the move. Of course like the previous model the company also includes its own on-demand video service and and music through iTunes. For those who want access to Spotify, Pandora or Amazon On Demand you will have to use AirPlay it is available as an option. It stands to be seen whether apps that compete directly with Apple’s will join the lineup. It should be noted though that IOS supports the apps for mobile devices so it is not exactly hostile to other products.

The Apple TV controller has multiple functions.
The Apple TV controller has multiple functions.

Using the included remote takes a little bit of getting used to but you will get used to it. Using the new remote is like bouncing around using a Mac trackpad. The force touch option prevents users from accidentally clicking on an app they do not intentioned to open or add. It also means you do not have to find the arrow or ok buttons. Don’t worry there are buttons too. Similar to the original remote the controller includes play/pause, a mic button to communicate with Siri, volume buttons, a button to return directly to the home page, and a menu button which serves as a back button. The minimal buttons actually serve multiple purposes. The Menu button will also return to the home page when held down. The dedicated home button will put the Apple TV to sleep when tapped once and when double tapped will open a screen of recent apps.

Picture Quality 1080p The picture quality is every bit as good as 1080p should be. There is no noticeable buffering. This should be expected considering the power of the A8 processor, which is one of the most powerful in the Apple line of products. There are some who complain that the set-top box does not offer 4k. I don’t see this as an issue at this point. quite simply there is so little 4k content available. There is none on broadcast TV, No 4k cable networks and very little 4k content on Netflix and Amazon or any other streaming TV package. At some point this will change and Apple will likely change with the times. Until then 1080p is the standard that the majority of Americans utilize.

The new Apple TV supports games and many are fully playable using the Apple TV controller. The games appear to be ports of IOS games which are also available on mobile devices. Some of these games look and perform great. The best ones are those that fully utilize the remote’s accelerometer in the same way it would a tablet. This lends itself to racing games, flying games and such. The Apple TV also supports third party controllers. This will be helpful for more complicated games. At

Beach Buggy racing is one of many games that take advantage of the new remotes capabilities.
Beach Buggy racing is one of many games that take advantage of the new remotes capabilities.

the moment a number of popular games have not made their way to the TV. I think games like Farmville or Candy Crush would be popular on Apple TV. We tried a number of games. There are some very sharp looking titles as well as a great deal of very basic tablet games (Atari level). There are of course games that take full advantage of the new controller. Beach Buggy Racing, which fully uses the graphics capabilities and controller is a Mario Cart styled game that allows the remote to control action via steering by tilting. This kind of control mimics how the game is played on a tablet. I was honestly surprised at how much I liked it on the big screen where little features like water on windshield really stood out. My wife is now addicted. I think that games are going to be a major force for Apple TV because I think that the new remote is going to bring social gaming to the big screen. Including a remote that can be utilized as a game controller along with a variety of games is a good start that should make it a compelling choice when put head to head with the Fire TV which for the most part requires a gamepad in order to easily navigate the majority of its games. Does it support game pads? Yes users can add third party remotes for games if they choose to. This would be helpful for more complicated game play especially as the catalogue grows.

Menus and Interface
Interface is one of the places where the New Apple TV stands out not just from its predecessor but from the competition. The home page is bright and colorful and starts off with minimal icons as users can craft their experience by adding apps from the App Store. Once there are apps in place users are able to select and move apps by choosing an app and pressing and holding down the touch pad. This will cause the selected app to shake like they do on IOS devices. Users can then move the icon or remove the app from the system.

iTunes provides art and program info when searching titles.
iTunes provides art and program info when searching titles.

There are a few basic menu styles on the New Apple TV. One is the menu interface in apps. This is typically a grey/silver background featuring black writing. Usually used for lists like Music selections or for functions and settings. When searching for features like iTunes for Movies and TV shows users are given bright artwork with description of the programming ratings etc. Other menus are specific to apps. In the vast majority of apps navigating to the top of the screen will reveal a context menu broken down specific to an app.

Use Your TV Remote or old Apple TV remote
This is a major innovation on Apple’s part. While the Apple TV does in fact ship with a unique remote with force touch technology and a microphone for Siri for daily use it may be more convenient to not have to keep up with multiple remotes. Users can easily map a standard TV remote control or even a universal remote in order to control the Apple TV 4. And the kicker is that this function is incredibly simple to use. just open it remotes and devices section and choose learn remote and the device will let yo assign all of the major control features to another. The original remote will continue to fully function too of course. We tried to use other system remotes like the Roku 4 and nexus player but the system would not map them. Multiple TV remotes though did. The the 3rd generation remote is also fully capable of navigating the interface without any mapping. See a video demo of this feature here.

Screen savers
Every set-top box worth its snuff has some sort of screensaver. But the reason we point out the Apple TV 4’s screen savers as a feature is that the pictures are not static. Not only are they high definition images that look great on a big HDTV, there are numerous pictures that are actually video clips. Cities filmed at night with flashing lights and traffic zooming by and such. It gives the user the effect of a helicopter ride through the great locales of the world. This may sound like a throw away feature but it is so different at this point that I think it bears mentioning.

Apple Music is decent but some of apple Audio features are noticeably absent on the new device.
Apple Music is decent but some of apple Audio features are noticeably absent on the new device.

Yes the Apple TV is primarily a video delivery device but audio streaming has become a favorite of many streamers. The previous Apple TV had a few native audio options that I really enjoy and their absence on this device is troubling at least to me. Maybe the majority of Apple TV users never even noticed the features.

Podcasts is missing
One of my favorite features of the previous Apple TV was the option to listen to or watch podcasts via the iTunes Podcast app. At the moment this is not a feature on the device. Asking Siri for podcasts will instead return a number of apps that feature podcasts but not the extensive searchable app that I grew to love.

Searchable Music
Another feature on the previous Apple TV was the music selection (not apple Music) It allowed users to search through a gigantic selection of streaming music stations. In its place is a much smaller prefab selection of genres. This is far more paired down music selection. The searchable function of Apple Music is paired down from what was offered on iTunes radio and its previous incarnation.

Apple on screen keyboard has been roundly criticised.

Final Thoughts
There are numerous other branding features on the device that stood out. One example is that hovering over apps and simply sliding your finger on them allows the apps to wiggle and provides a 3d like effect. What really stands out about this feature is this functionality is not just present on the home page but within apps as well. Video selections in Hulu and Netflix do the same thing. That is just fun branding. The almost completely uniform top menu options are a very nice touch that helps learning new apps to be more intuitive and allows each app to function similarly. This is not the case with other players. The device is speedy and stable and provides a robust and growing selection of apps. We very much wish Pandora and other music apps were already included and hope to see them come along in the future. Other video rental options would be a step in the right direction also. Overall though I would have to say that the new Apple TV may have set a new standard for set top streaming. We will keep an eye.

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App for Apple TV has a totally different look than on other platform.

Plex will add meta data info on movies and TV shows from the web for free to help you learn more about your favorite.

Plex is an official part of Apple TV for the first time as of Monday. The media center app that is becoming ubiquitous among streaming platforms has never had an official home on previous generations of Apple TV. But the new Apple TV with its App Store is a great home for the popular app and it gets whole new look on the new platform. See the video bellow.

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Nobody likes having to use multiple remotes to watch TV. The new Apple TV does not require users to do so. The new Apple TV has a fantastic feature that allows users to program their new Apple TV with their standard issue television remote allowing them to put aside the new Siri remote if they choose to. While the official remote has some interesting features like an accelerometer for games and a microphone in order to communicate to the new Apple TV’s on-board navigator, Siri, those who just want to bounce around the interface and watch TV without having a conversation with it can do so easily. This is a feature you will not find on any of the other streaming devices on the market and is the sort of thing that can set the box apart from its competition. It is an example of Apple’s typical MO of doing something that has already been done before better than everyone else. As an added bonus, users with a third generation Apple TV can also use their original remote with the device.

How to map your TV’s remote to the New Apple TV

Go to the settings section of the Apple TV. It looks like a gear.

Select the setting for Remotes and Devices.

Select the option (Learn Remote).

Use the new Apple TV remote to start the program.

After that follow the on-screen prompts using your regular TV remote. You will be asked to choose which buttons correspond with up, down, left and right along with Select and menu. These are the essential functions that will allow the user to navigate the device.  And this is all of the setup that is required.

Common questions

Will my Siri remote Still work on my new Apple TV?

How do I keep my Remote from using TV features like menu etc?
You will have to choose alternative buttons for features like that. I chose to use the channel buttons to map menu because there is no need to control the channel up and down on the new Apple TV.

WIll my TV remote still work on my TV?