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USTV Now is an Internet based TV service that brings US network TV stations to people across the country and the ustv-nowworld for free but unfortunately its Roku private channel for the no longer allows viewers to use the portal without first signing up for a monthly pay package. Today we are going to tell you how to watch USTV Now on a Roku without having to pay for an extra service. This is a great tool Americans living overseas and for cord cutters who live in a place where antennas are ineffective due to trees, buildings or distance from TV towers.

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The unsupported app store for Plex is a very popular addition for the server which adds channels as man as 77 new channels for Plex that are otherwise unavailable. Until now setting up the unsupported app store involved downloading the unsupported app store bundle from sites such as Github, locating the correct folder withing the Plex server and sometimes even changing the file name. There is a new method to install this addition, the Unsupported App Store installer. The program, once installed, sets up the app store in seconds and saves the user the trouble of finding the correct folder within Plex. Additional channels include USTV Now, the Reddit Channel, FilmOn and CMT. 

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The Plex app for the Amazon Fire TV is is the #1 entertainment application on the new platform. The announcement came via the Plex Newsletter which also pointed out that users who already purchased the app for the Kindle Fire will not have to pay for Plex again on the Fire TV. This is a tremendous win for the company that already boasts one of the top channels on Fire TV competitor the Roku family of devices. The Plex app for Amazon Fire TV app for Roku has a graphically rich interface for a look at our feature on the app check it out here. Plex which began as a Mac port for XBMC has gained a great deal of clout in the marketplace as it’s app has become a fixture on numerous platforms including, Smart TV’s from LG and Samsung, Roku, Sony Blue Ray players and many more. 

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Updated 5/5/2014

Plex is a powerful media server with capabilities that allow users to organize their own digital media, Share their media across networks, cue content from the video sources anywhere on the Internet and watch multiple community created content channels that bring network television content to Plex along with numerous other options. The Plex unsupported app store is a versatile addition to Plex that adds a great deal of capabilities to the server.  Here is what you need to do to add the unsupported app store to your own Plex server. Continue for directions and video by our friend and contributer Vincent Russell.

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XBMC Cousin Adds More Functions and Channels To The Amazon Streamer

The Amazon Fire TV offers a number of available apps for watching TV shows, and movies whether they are recent movie releases through Amazon’s own integrated service, past seasons of TV favorites on Netflix and episodes of TV shows the day after they air via Hulu Plus. Plex, an app that lets users play both their own digital media on TV as well as utilize a variety community supported channels is one of the first things anyone who purchases a Fire TV should add. And though it costs a small fee to add, the the 99 Amazon coins are probably worth it.

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This is the third part of a multipart series on the multifaceted Media server program. To read part 1 Getting To Know Plex click here and Part Two Plex Channels here

Plex Pass Features
What is Plex Pass? Plex Pass is an optional membership of sorts that allows its user the benefit of features not available to the general Plex users. This includes in some cases access to new app features ahead of time, cloud access and many other things. In the case of special features it can add a great deal to the Plex experience. There is a lot to work with for a fee of $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year or a lifetime price of $149.99.