New Plex Feature Encourages Watch Parties With Shared Server Content

Do you know a movie that your best friend just has to see? That is a powerful emotion. You want the to see it so you can compare feelings and notes on it and see what their favorite scenes are and so on. Plex is building in a feature that will let you do just that while you watch movies together.

The new feature “Watch Together” will allow users to not only watch movies from Plex Channels and its selection of free movies but even titles on a users shared server. This should be good news to Plex users who have been concerned of late that Plex was moving away from the core function of allowing users to gather their own digital media libraries.

A really cool function of this for people watching together is that anyone watching with you can play, pause, or seek around during the session. But you might want to agree to some rules on how that works so a 2 hour movie doesn’t become a 6 hour one.

If you want to take advantage of the new feature you can do so using Apple platforms (iOS and tvOS), Android platforms (mobile and TV), FireTV, NVIDIA SHIELD and Roku.