Broadstream New Service For Gen Z and Millennials Launches

Broadstream, a new free-for-the-user, arts and arts adjacent streaming platform featuring professional content created by and starring diverse voices, including those who identify as BIPOC and LGBTQIA+, has officially launched. The platform’s content focuses on millennial and Gen-Z’ers.

The new streaming platform launches with 90 original content pieces. With additional programming in production, the platform spans genres including theater, comedy, spoken word, politics, fandom and more. Viewers can expect more content to be released in the ensuing weeks. Earlier this year, the platform premiered its first artistic work -the critically acclaimed long-form satire “Off-Broadway” (read more HERE).The overwhelming positive response from audiences and critics alike confirmed that Broadstream was needed to serve the diverse artistic community.

The platform, which will host content specifically curated for young, engaged and diverse viewers, will be free to the user with no financial barrier to entry–a stark departure from other streamers and sites. Believing that art is a right, not a privilege and that no person, no matter their race, sexuality, gender, religion, place of birth, or financial status should be unable to access high-end content made for them by artists like them, Broadstream launches with a fundamental commitment to serving its audience in an unprecedented fashion.

Broadstream proudly empowers and features artists who have too often been historically marginalized, dedicating their platform to amplifying their voices and highlighting art that meets the moment in pursuit of artistic justice. The platform’s innovative financial model not only compensates artists for their creative vision, but also their success. Artists receive a share of ad-sales revenue generated from their work even prior to recoupment, exceeding any similar user-generated streaming platform and making Broadstream’s content truly by the artist and for the artist.

Broadstream’s deep commitment to artistic justice is evident in their groundbreaking, curated, original programming slate featuring historic firsts including:

  • Living for the Next Generation – talk show hosted by Black, Transgender activist, Sis
  • Lil’ Monsters – sketch comedy show hosted by Black comedian Rob Wilson that highlights important social justice issues
  • Soul(Signs) – a series of music videos conceived by Brandon Kazen-Maddox and the Up Until Now Collective that reimagines ten iconic songs by Black women as American Sign Language music videos

The talent featured on Broadstream is both incredibly expansive and inclusive, ranging from well-known celebrities to rising talents, all of whom deserve equal mention and acclaim in this limited space for their incredible artistic talent.

Broadstream was founded by Jana Shea (Lempicka, Slave Play, Sea Wall/A Life) Bandits Roost Entertainment (Cori Silberman Sais and Michael Sais), and Joseph Abate (founder of Borderlight Entertainment). Cori Silberman Sais is the Chief Executive Officer.