CNN+ May Die On The Vine

CNN+ the new streaming service is averaging 10,000 viewers a day. Yikes.

The service launched 2 weeks ago with hopes of becoming a new source for information in a cord cutting age especially with an eye towards the future. But to have a future it will need to do something in the present besides cost new owner, Warner Brothers Discovery money.

Things can get messy quick when new ownership takes over a project that is underperforming at the start. You may remember back to when Warner Brothers came under the guise of AT&T. Before that transaction Warner launched the DC Universe streaming service and comic book reader. AT&T made the decision to launch a different app HBO Max and capitalize on DC content quickly pulling all exclusive programming from the previously announced streaming service and dropping it on the new service.

Industry watchers wonder aloud if WB Discovery will fold CNN+ into HBO Max as well but considering the slash in the budget already announced and the new owners penchant for looking to cut that and consolidate it’s possible that CNN+ will not make it through the year.

Fierce Media reports that 10,000 viewers a day creeps in on the kind of numbers you would see for C-SPAN.

Things are not looking good so far.