Customers Share Views On Ads For Streaming

If you want users to embrace ad-supported streaming a new study has a tip for you. Make sure people do not have to see the same thing repeatedly. As Netflix and Disney+ look to launch ad-supported streaming options it is interesting to see exactly what people actually think of advertising on streaming services.

Overwhelming ad frequency is the most widely reported reason consumers avoid ads, while half of consumers see tailored ads as good or helpful if they’re relevant to their interests. The need for outstanding creative has never been more crucial.

  • 73% of consumers say the ads they see are repetitive.
  • 61% of consumers say they multitask during ad breaks in streaming content.
  • 67% of consumers prefer ad-supported streaming options to ad-free ones.
  • 50% of consumers see tailored ads as good or helpful if they’re tailored to their interests.

When it comes to viewing media, consumers know their value. Consumers want marketers to reward them for their time with more personalized content that speaks to more premium experiences.

  • When asked to consider a reasonable payout for watching a 30-second ad, the average consumer felt their attention was worth about $.01 per second.
    • 90% of consumers believed an $.80 payout for a 30-second ad was reasonable
    • Only 50% of consumers thought a $.20 payout for a 30-second ad reasonably valued their attention.
    • More than 40% of customers suggest a single exposure as optimum

Consumers are open to the collection of data for advertising purposes, and as a result, expect more personalized content and offers in exchange for their time and attention.

  • Over 70% would offer more detailed personal information in exchange for more personalization in streaming ads.
  • The top five pieces of data consumers prefer to divulge are gender (69%), age (65%), interest and hobbies (63%), ethnicity (60%), and household size and detailed data about purchases (56%).

“The research underscores that in a new, more advanced media world, advertisers have an opportunity to capture more, not less, consumer time, attention and data. This is an especially powerful call to arms for marketers who have been focused on shorter, fewer ads and asking for less relevant data. The research clearly suggests that relevancy and innovation are central to engagement in the future,” according to Jamie Auslander, SVP, Research & Analytics, Infillion.

In response to the study, Infillion is launching XtendedView later this year, a long-form video ad unit, up to two minutes in length, that consumers opt-in to watch – allowing brands to deepen storytelling and education for targeted audiences. Viewers exposed to an XtendedView ad will receive less ads throughout their content viewing experience, focusing their attention on a singular brand message rather than the jarring experience of several ads stacked against each other. XtendedView is purpose-built to address opportunities for entertainment companies to share full-length trailers; for healthcare companies to engage with more personalized stories; for candidates to share their platforms in political ads and for other expressive storytelling.

To download a copy of the full report, visit here.

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  1. They should include that seeing the same add over and over actually becomes negative toward the product. And thus should not show the same add more than once per viewing.

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