DirecTV Adds NFL Network To 2nd Tier Package And Above

DirecTV announced today that the NFL Network will be available to customers who subscribe the company’s second level package known as “Just Right”. The offering which costs $55.00 gives customers access to 85 channels including ESPN, ESPN2 and FS1. The package is not limited to sports and promises more than 85 channels overall. In general, it is similar to cable prices and packages before the digital cable boom on the early 2000s.

AT&T has been stepping up its offerings in the past few months including a special package aimed at the Spanish speaking population of the US and even giving unlimited data plan customers access to a 30 plus channel package for free.

The NFL Network addition will come at a great time for NFL fanatics. The NFL’s pre-season is about to kick off. NFL Network carries all of the preseason games. For fans who enjoy seeing third stringers and a chance to see possible hidden gems on their team’s roster or others, pre-season is a great gift. It can even change the fortunes of a fantasy league team. During the regular season, the NFL Network is host to 13 Thursday Night Football games and tons of league centric programming.

DIRECTV NOW customers will also have access to stream NFL Network through Watch NFL Network, available on and the NFL app across connected TV and mobile devices. This means that the content will be available on a number of platforms as part of their subscription. This is an advantage because it means users will not have to wade through an entire TV interface to get into the content they are looking for.

We will continue to monitor this space.