Disney+ Launching in 8 European Countries In September

Disney+ will be heading to eight more European countries this fall including an expected 1.5 million nordic homes. Starting September 15 Disney+ will add new potential customers in Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Belgium and Luxembourg will finally be able to meet Baby Yoda and jump on in time to see Disney+ Marvel originals.

Disney+ has taken off like a rocket in the markets where it has become available. It quickly became a tip tier service in the US launching like it was meeting a pent up need as apposed to a service looking to attract customers. If reaction in these Eurozone centuries is similar it could mean that Disney+ could be on its way to Netflix like number in the next few years.

Big draws include the entire classic Disney movie collection, The majority of Pixar’s films, The majority of the Marvel MCU and the majority of the Star Wars universe including a new season of Clone Wars and the break out hit The Mandelorian.