Does Paramount+ Include The Paramount Network? No But It Should

Paramount+ users are starting to discover something strange about the new/rebranded streaming service. For all of the networks represented in the service, there is one mountainous hole. That missing content source is ironically The Paramount Network.

Despite being a property of VicomCBS like CBS, Comedy Central, Smithsonian and MTV, which are represented on the streaming service, the cable network with essentially the same name does not have a content hub on the service that can cost as much as $10.00 per month if customers choose to get a package without commercials.

Can you stream Paramount Network TV shows? Yes, but you would have to do so via the Paramount Network app which is a totally separate app built for use by those who receive the Paramount network as part of a pay-TV package. It is a TV everywhere app.

It is more than understandable that customers would expect the Paramount Network to be included with Paramount+ and its omission is quite puzzling. It is not as though the app does not feature cable channels. Every channel featured on the app is a cable channel aside from CBS. Cord-cutters deserve better from ViacomCBS on this front.