Emotional Sobriety Has A Streaming Home

Emotional Sobriety is finally taking its rightful place in recovery. The launch of the streaming media and discussion center, Emotional Sobriety Study Area, provides workshops and guidance to develop these skills, announces 4th Dimension Publishing, LLC.

The Emotional Sobriety Study Area features resources to strengthen recovery, build resilience to relapse, and open new possibilities of emotional freedom and happiness. It includes unlimited access to the largest collection of resources on emotional sobriety compiled by Allen Berger, Ph.D. over the past two decades and now available for streaming.

Dr. Berger is also leading live sessions the 4th Thursday of every month at 6 pm Pacific Time, breaking down one powerful emotional sobriety concept each month. Dr. Berger is a talented psychotherapist with over 5 decades of clinical experience. He is an internationally recognized expert on the science of recovery and is credited with integrating the concepts of modern psychotherapy with Twelve Step Recovery. His pioneering efforts have helped us understand the critical role emotional sobriety plays in optimal recovery.  Dr. Berger is also one of the most popular authors in the recovery market, having published five titles on the top 50 seller lists on Amazon since publication. 12 Essential Insights for Emotional SobrietyGetting Your Recovery Unstuck by Allen Berger, Ph.D. was the number one new release in recovery books when it came out in June of 2021.  It has remained in the top 100 best sellers in Twelve-Step Programs, with 67 reader reviews and a five-star rating.

Herb Kaighan launched a new workshop in the Emotional Sobriety Study Area in January, integrating spirituality with emotional sobriety. His workshops are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Herb Kaighan, aka Herb K., is a leading expert on spiritual awakening through the 12 steps, an accomplished author, and a popular speaker about spirituality. At one time a Jesuit Monk, and then a businessman in recovery himself, Herb K. has walked thousands of people through the gift of spirituality gained in sobriety, and guided them to develop skills in meditation and contemplative prayer.