Evocaa Could Be Gone By The End Of The Year

A new report from Fierce Video says that regional TV service EVOCAA could be on its way out of the market by December unless it finds a new source of funding. This would be a blow to the world of Next Gen TV (ATSC 3.0). The service is the first to utilize the new delivery standard which will one day be the dominant broadcast standard, replacing ATSC/Digital TV.

The company which started offering services in Boise Idaho is sort of a proof of concept for IP and broadcast delivery and has been methodically adding markets while concentrating on access to major regional RSNs in an attempt to differentiate itself in the markets where it is available. At the moment most alternatives to traditional Pay-TV do not offer regional sports networks. The company communicated the news via a post on its website telling customers,

“The past few years have been marked with unique challenges which required constant adaptation: a pandemic, global supply chain issues, and inflation. Our resourceful team responded with hard work and a commitment to champion our mission to bring the best TV to our communities. We have seen tremendous growth and have thousands of loyal subscribers. However, this is a difficult economy for a company like ours to raise the funding that we need to grow. Should we be unable to raise more capital, we are sad to say that Evoca TV will discontinue operations and programming on December 31st, 2022.”

At the moment Evoca is not accepting new customers in any of its markets.