HBO And Paramount+ Cancel Series

The Time Travelers Wife met an early end after a six-episode run on HBO and HBO Max. The story which actually has a very bittersweet ending that, had HBO fully explored might have depressed its audience a lot more than the series ending essentially with a wedding. While not intended to be the final episode of the series, one has to wonder if it would have held true to the source material in the end and featured Clare spending her entire life waiting to see her time traveler husband again till she was 83. Jeez, and people felt bad about the end of Game Of Thrones.

Paramount+ will also end the anthology series “Why Women Kill”. The show which features a totally different set of characters and stories in season one and season two was cleverly written and featured a number of reasons why the protagonists killed people in their lives. Ending the series hardly means that audiences can never see the series revived. Because it is not as though the original cast will be unavailable in the future. Paramount simply has to say let’s do another series of stories about women being put in a situation where they kill someone at the end of the story.