How Do Spectrum Customers Get Peacock For Free


While a number of publications are reporting that Charter Spectrum customers will be able to receive Peacock Premium for free for a year they are loath to actually explain how to do so. So we are gonna clean up the mess a little.


  • Charter Spectrum TV customers do have access to Peacock Premium for a full year as part of their TV package.
  • Customers who only pay for Internet through Spectrum have access to Peacock’s premium service for free for 90 days.
  • Peacock Premium usually costs $4.99 and includes commercial ad breaks during on-demand content.

How do Charter customers get the free Peacock deal?

Spectrum customers must sign up for Peacock through a specific portal with Spectrum in order to get the service for free. You can not just go to the Peacock home page and sign in. Users are directed to go to this site 

On that page users will be given instructions to follow.

What if I already have Peacock?

Charter covered this too. Customers who already have a Peacock subscription can link their accounts to Peacock and take advantage of the deal.