Hulu Bringing Back Crazy Good Black Friday Pricing

Hulu on Smart TV

Starting at midnight on Thanksgiving Day and continuing through Cyber Monday Hulu will be offering its ad-supported streaming service for .99 cents a month for an entire year or about 12 dollars for an entire year. The offer is for new and returning customers. This means you can give yourself or others the gift of a full Hulu subscription this Christmas and stop using that password. Just kidding, I’m sure nobody reading this does that.

The deal has become an almost annual sale that puts the popular service at an almost no-brainer price. If you are unfamiliar with Hulu it is a streaming service that provides access to content from multiple networks within 24 hours of airing. Networks include NBC, Fox, and ABC. The service is owned primarily by Disney with Comcast maintaining a 30 percent share until 2024. The service is home to most of the content that Disney bought with the Fox merger including shows from FX, the Fox Movie Library 20 Centruy, Fox Searchlight etc.

It is one of the most popular services for cord-cutters due to its price and selection.