If You Are Not Doing This You Are Watching The NCAA Tournament Wrong

If you have access to the NCAA March Madness app and are not using it to watch the NCAA tournament, you may be doing it wrong.  Sure, if you have the right tv services you can see all of the games one on of four networks, TruTV, CBS, TBS and TNT. But the March Madness app makes it a much easier task.

What is the difference between using the March Madness App and watching on regular TV?

With a regular TV service be it cable, satelite or one of the cable replacement services watching a given game is easy enough. As long as you want to pay attention to something specific. But withe the way the NCAA Tournament is shown on TV its a lot different than a typical Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Because most college basketball can be found in a few predictable places. It is on the ESPN family of networks, Fox Sports 1 and CBS. In a program bracket, most of these channels are in one place, ESPN will be next to ESPN2 etc. But the NCAA tournament is a totally different animal.

With games on three channels that only host college basketball during the NCAA Tournament finding a game is an actual challenge. You might find yourself asking “what the hell is TruTV” Do you have it. Probably. Heck it might be one of your favorites but there is not a lot of programming overlap between ESPN and TruTV.

How the March Madness app works

The March Madness app has a portal to each of the games being played laid out side by side with the score displayed. Click on a game and you will launch it in a small screen with game stats displayed as well. Users can click the screen with the game to pull up full-screen access. Pressing back on your remote instantly pulls up the scores and time remaining on each game as it happens. And best yet if you want to change to another one all you have to do is click on it and it launches.

Now, it does take an extra step. You have to sign in with whatever your provider is. This app is neither exclusive to streaming or cable. Once you do so its all easy from there. Oddly enough there does not seem to be a way to pull it together using the Paramount+ service, which has a CBS feed. This can be an issue to anyone who has Sling TV and no access to the games without an antenna or Paramount.

The app also provides access to a listing of all the scores from the day, just in case you somehow do not have a phone, tablet or computer on hand. Users who are participating in the March Madness bracket challenge can sign in and sync their picks with the app and check out whether they bet too much on upsets or not as well as access to a full screen bracket to get a few of the big picture.

In general the evolution of streaming sports has been a big winner for fans no matter how they access the games and quite a far cry from the days when one was stuck with one channel CBS to see everything and be doomed to watch whichever team was considered the local TV draw, meaning Michigan fans stuck with Michigan state winning by 20 over a hapless opponent when a 3 seed was about to get knocked off by a 14 and bust a bracket.

So as The dearly departed Macho Man would say “Feel the madness” and stream on.