If You Have A Roku Do This Now

Roku Express 4K

Ok Roku owners. We are two days from December 9. That day is when the disagreement between Google/YouTube and Roku could kick into high gear with the YouTube channel disappearing from the Streaming Channels. This move was brought up in October when it was reported that Roku and YouTube were having disagreements over how data and search results were handled between the two companies.

The nuance that most doom and gloom types don’t get about the YouTube/Roku dustup is that nobody who has YouTube on their Roku by December 9th will lose it. It’s just that the app will no longer be in the app store. So the millions of Roku users who have a YouTube app on their devices or smart TVs are not going to suddenly find the service missing. What it would affect is anybody who does not already have YouTube. This would include people who have Roku devices and simply never thought to add it and those who buy Roku-powered devices for the first time after December 9th.

So if you use YouTube and have any idea that you may wish to stretch out on the couch and check out content then for goodness sake, add it now.