Is Apple About To Launch New Apple TV?

Apple has announced an event for September 14 that will focus specifically on streaming. This could very well be built around its streaming service, Apple TV+ and if long-held speculation turns out right, the announcement of at least one new Apple TV streaming device. Apple TV Streaming boxes support all of the major apps in the streaming world and have their own unique app store and operating system TVOS. Its most notable feature is its “TV” app which integrates multiple paid and free services into cross-sectional selections of programming.

The last major Apple TV announcement was the Apple TV 4k in 2017.

Apple also of course promotes its own streaming service (Apple TV Plus) as well as streaming games, music and podcasts. The Apple TV+ service has made its way onto multiple platforms outside of Apple in recent years including Amazon Fire TV, Roku and multiple smart TV formats. Though it has lagged behind the big guns in the streaming world like Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ it is not for lack of trying in the star department. Here’s to wondering if the company better known for iMacs, and iPhones will finally give consumers a reason to fully embrace the company on the biggest screen in the home.

The most exciting thing for streamers though is that this event will likely hit on all of those notes without being couched behind information about monitors and phones or other products. Apple TV is often the last thing mentioned when it comes up. It was once called a hobby in the Apple world. And after years of false rumors about an Apple TV set, and a supposed flirtation with a full-fledged TV service we got lightly regarded streaming service a few brand new remotes. This should be a much bigger show for the streaming world.

Want to check it out? The event will be available via the Apple website and the Apple TV special events app included on Apple devices.