JustWatch Jumping Onto Samsung TVs

Justwatch is rolling out access to a new tool for Samsung TV users. A Justwatch app for the TV operating system Tizen. Justwatch has long been a popular service accessed by computer users via its website along with the rollout of mobile versions of the service and apps for streaming devices including Android TV devices, Apple TV devices and Fire TV devices.

The app allows users to build universal watchlists from participating/available apps on a platform and also provides a search option that will search all of the participating apps in order to return unweighted results. This is very different from the kinds of results users find when using a products built in search which will often suggest content available from the said company. For instance an Apple TV user might be recommended to buy or rent a movie from Apple instead of streaming it for free on a service they already pay for. The same type of thing happens with other operating systems as well.

Adding Justwatch to a system can change that by bringing in the third party app, which unlike searches designed for most devices is neutral. While Samsung does not have as many video apps as some services the new method should be eaiser to use than anything else so far and could very well working to become the best choice for users on many devices.

As for Samsung if you want Justwatch on your Samsung TV you may have to wait, depending on when you bought your TV. At the moment the app is only available for models from 2019 and onwards. Over the next weeks, it’ll be available also for older devices. These models can download the app as of now:

  • 19TV_BASIC1
  • 1 9TV_BASIC2
  • 20TV_BASIC1
  • 20TV_BASIC2
  • 21TV_BASIC1