New App Hopes To Solve Finding Great TV Shows And Movies To Stream

The latest solution to navigating the incredible amount of streaming content available it called Likewise. A number of apps have come along over the past 5 years claiming to solve the “problem” of finding something to watch that fits one’s needs from fully integrated operating systems to mobile apps. Each one has presented a different sort of take on the process.

Today marks the launch of Likewise TV, a free personalized entertainment hub that consolidates a user’s streaming services in one place. Powered by machine learning and fueled by real recommendations from real people, Likewise TV delivers highly-personalized recommendations and a better way to watch television for people who stream video on their laptop or computer. Likewise TV is also available on iOS, Android and connected TV devices. The app creates a single entry point to discover new and interesting content from all the leading services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, and Apple TV+, without bouncing from app to app.

“The majority of adults, and more than 80 percent of people under 35, use non-TV devices to stream video daily,” said Ian Morris, CEO of Likewise. “Likewise TV provides one seamless view across more than 100 streaming services, all in one place, letting anyone discover, share and even watch their next favorite.”

The site curates ratings and reviews from influencers, like-minded members of the Likewise community and even highlights recommendations from friends and family.  And when a user finds what they want to watch, they can save that show or movie to a unified watchlist or click to launch it directly from the streaming service it is playing on. That means of course that in order for the feature to be highly effective you have to get your family and friends to also register for the app so that their recommendations can be shared with you.

Today’s launch of Likewise TV is an extension of the company’s popular mobile app that already provides personalized recommendations for TV shows, movies, books and podcasts to its five million registered users. More than 250 million ratings and reviews have been captured on the Likewise mobile app, which is available for download on iPhone and Android devices. Likewise was first envisioned and incubated from within Gates Ventures, Bill Gates’ private office, and closed a $15 million funding round from Gates himself at the end of 2021.

The app is easy to set up. Once downloaded users need to sign into either a social media account or email address and that’s it. No list of questions to answer about what you already watch etc. The selections are laid out in a familiar row-based style with the service the titles originate with highlighted. Once a user makes a selection Likewise launches the title in whichever app it lives in. It is not a media player or streaming app. It’s a third-party selection tool.

The latest app is available via Google TV and Android TV, iOS, Android Mobile, Apple TV and Fire TV along with  computers via browsers.

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  1. This is what Roku should be doing with their Watch List, etc. Provide a DVD like interface that takes you to the channel that has the show.

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