New Free Streaming Service Mometu

TV Channels

Have you ever looked up a favorite actor’s IMDb and been surprised by the number of recent credits you had never heard of? Sometimes you might have thought they had retired from acting altogether, but suddenly it turns out they have been churning out something new every year since 2010. There is a new service that might help you find some of those gems. Right at the end of November while people were clamoring for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals a new free streaming service hit the scene. That streamer is Mometu. It is a free streaming service in the vein of Tubi (Pre FOX) and Popcorn Flix. An ad-supported hub of offbeat indie and B movies with a library of films featuring both new actors, stars before they were stars, and some of the smaller parts that major A-List actors have done when not making blockbusters.

Mometo breaks up its offerings into themed areas like “Lost in Love” (you know for rom-coms), Festival favorites, Happy Thanks Killing, On Platforms like the Roku the Mometu streaming app is also a portal of sorts to other related services. Via a section called channels users can click through multiple streaming choices that will take them to new libraries of genre-related streaming. You can find the big names in the familiar faces category where the likes of Angelina Jolie, William Dafoe, Ben Stiller, Sandra Bullock and more.

Its always fun to find a new place to play for free and we think you might enjoy this one.

The service is available across a number of streaming platforms for televisions as well as mobile apps for Android and IOS. Mometu has apps for the following platforms: