New Roku Channel E3TV

Founded by Katrina Curtis, E3TV brings viewers innovative, eye-catching, and jaw-dropping content daily powered by ROKU TV. With the sheer volume of television content, channels and consumption at record levels, advertisers from all categories are grappling with unprecedented fragmentation of potential audiences, hampering their ability to find their consumers at scale and at cost effectiveness while fulfilling viewership needs with original content. E3TV provides a foundation to fulfill the gap between the viewer’s wants and needs, as well as, for content builders who require an avenue to drive and house their material.

“E3TV was birthed out of the need to not make everything you see so dramatic, and often overwhelming and draining to your spirit… and my daughters played a big part in that decision. We often know that reality tv as we view it is NOT reality, but that doesn’t stop us from making it so. We start conditioning our lives after visuals we know that are not real, and we see it so much, we start to perceive it as so. What you feed yourself, is what you internalize. And what you internalize, is what shows up in you and contributes to the environment that you create. So, I wanted to create a channel that houses tv content that Empower (Provide viewers with information and contents gives them the authority power within themselves to do something.) Encourage (Give support, confidence, or hope that whatever they want to do, can be done.) Entertain (Provide viewers with amusement, humor, and enjoyment…. all the things that help us move forward grounded as well as optimistic that you can have, be, or create a life of whatever you like,”—adds Founder, Katrina Curtis.