OAN No Longer Available ON DirecTV And DirecTV Stream

The conservative news channel OAN has been dropped from DirecTV and its streaming option DirecTV Stream following up on the company’s announcement in January that the channel would see its swan song during the first quarter on 2022. DirecTV did not cite content or politics as a reason for the move though OAN sees it differently going as far as filing a lawsuit against the distributor, one of few major distributors who carried the channel in its full form, of essentially trying to destroy the company.

OAN alleges in fact that DirecTV is participating in what it calls a “larger, coordinated, extremely well-financed political scheme to take down (OAN CEO Robert) Herring and unlawfully destroy its ability to operate in the media business.”

Streaming service, Klowd TV is one of free remaining services that offer OAN in any form.