Peacock Offering Super Low Price For Full Year


If you have been wanting to look into Peacock and jump into the WWE archives, check out some favorite movies or see new NBC content you might want to take advantage of a new deal that the service is offering until the end of October.

The service, which offers a free tier has two premium tiers for $4.99 and $9.99. The more expensive one is ad-free for on-demand content. With the special which will run through the weekend users can sign up for the premium level Peacock service, which would otherwise cost over $60.00 a year for only $19.99. That means that wrestling fans can get access to all of the upcoming live premium events including WrestleMania, The Survivor Series and The Royal Rumble, SNL fans can see every episode a day later, football fans can catch Notre Dame and NFL Sunday Night Football, and so much more.

Peacock has been with us for two years now and been slowly but surely growing its content and reach. This year it will be the primary streaming destination for new episodes of NBC Universal-owned shows. This includes not just the NBC broadcast network but USA Network and others under the Comcast/NBCU banner.

The Streaming Advisor rarely does stories about discounts but this type of one-off from a service like Peacock is worth highlighting. Eagle-eyed streamers can find a lot of savings over the next few months as other services begin to offer access at huge discounts with Black Friday specials.

So if you are looking to cut back on some bills don’t miss out on this special

How To Get The Special Peacock Pricing

In order to get the deal you have to be signing up for a new Peacock account. When you do use the discount code FALL22.  All you need is an email address and a credit/debit card. The offer expires on October 31, 2022.