Philo’s Deal Will Last 4 More Days

If you cut the cord recently and realized oops I’m going to miss all the Hallmark Christmas movies and cooking shows I love during the holidays, Philo has a good solution for you. The streaming service that offers a skinny bundle without sports or news channels is offering its Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for 4 more days through the weekend. The one-month discount will give subscribers a chance to try out the service for an entire month for 5 dollars. The service costs $25.00 afterward.

Philo has carved out a place for itself due to the number of people who just want to relax and be entertained without feeling like they are subsidizing things they don’t watch. And while maybe you won’t watch every channel available through Philo, they are all in a similar enough vein that you probably will find yourself checking most of them out.

Get Philo for only $5 w/ code: BFCM.  New subscribers (and those who have never done a free trial of the service) receive $20 OFF first month (Reg. $25)

Date – 11/25/21 – 12/7/21