Poll Shows Streaming Ads Make An Impact

A new survey from Harris Polls and Roku shows that not only are people geari g up for a more expensive holliday season, but that ads consumed via streamkng are having an affect on their choices this year. This data can only increase the interest in FASTS as the market continues to develop.

Holiday shoppers are more likely this year to have looked up brand or product reviews on a search engine after seeing a brand or product advertised on a streaming service or device (39% in 2022 vs. 32% in 2021). Nearly 1 in 3 holiday shoppers (29%) have engaged with an interactive ad experience while streaming a TV show or other video content.

TV streaming, in terms of time spent streaming and subscription numbers, is at its highest for holiday shoppers since this survey began.

Holiday shoppers now report spending an average of 10.7 hours per week watching streaming TV (10.5 in 2021; 9.5 in 2020; 8.0 in 2019; and 4.7 in 2018).

Nearly 9 in 10 (89%) have streamed in the past three months up 3 percent from last year (86% in 2021 and 4 from 2020 when it was 85%).

Among Gen Z holiday shoppers, 98% have streamed in the past three months. Additionally, among those holiday shoppers who subscribe to a streaming service, 21% subscribe to more than four (up from 13% in 2021; 8% in 2020; and 2% in 2019).