Sling TV And Winegard Offering Huge Savings On Local Channels

Whenever we write about using an antenna for TV we say the same thing. It is better to invest in an outdoor mounted antenna no matter where you live. A new partnership between Sling TV and  Winegard will allow customers to get set up with an AirTV Anywhere tuner and a top-of-the-line antenna for substantial savings. If you are unfamiliar with AirTV Anywhere, it is an external tuner that can be integrated with Sling TV that includes internal DVR storage for recording OTA programming.

The promotion which is being marketed as the Ultimate Streaming Bundle includes a SLING TV subscription (prepay two months: starting at $35 per month*), an AirTV Anywhere WiFi-enabled network hub (retail price: $199.99), and a free Winegard Elite 7550 Antenna (retail price: $149.99). All starting at $149. That’s more than $250 in savings compared to when you purchase separately.

Professional Installation Discount
If climbing a ladder with a drill is not your cup of tea you can get a discount for professional installation. As part of the promotion, if you choose OnTech Smart Services to set it all up, you’re entitled to a 10% discount on the installation. The techs will install the antenna and make sure it is pointed in the right direction to receive the OTA signals your area provides.

The Ultimate Streaming Bundle Broken Down

Offers today’s most popular cable channels, including CNN, TNT, AMC, and HGTV. That means you can stream live shows, sports, and news. Or watch more than 85,000 hit shows and movies on demand, all for just $35 per month. Check out Sling TV to see what is in each package or look into other bundles.

AirTV Anywhere
In order to integrate broadcast TV into Sling TV you need its tuner/DVR. AirTV Anywhere lets you stream free local channels in your SLING TV guide and record them with a built-in 1 TB DVR (that’s 150 hours of storage for your favorite shows and movies).

Winegard’s Elite 7550 Outdoor Antenna
Don’t worry. This is not one of those 10-foot tall metal monsters of the past. The 7550 Antenna is compact. It has an integrated LTE filter to ensure the best reception even in the most populated urban environments. The Elite 7550 Antenna receives VHF and UHF signals in crystal-clear HD, allowing you to watch channels from 70+ miles away. But if you’d prefer to go with an indoor option, you can choose the  FlatWave Amped Pro Antenna instead. Just pair one of these antennas with the AirTV Anywhere to watch local channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC.

OnTech Smart Services
If you do choose the outdoor mounted antenna (Which we highly recommend) professional technicians can do the hard work. Let them get you set up to watch all your favorite shows without the stress.

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  1. The AirTV Anywhere is not DVR device I’d recommend. It interface is Sling TV first and DVR last. Not even second.

    1. Yeah. I don’t think that anyone who doesn’t already have Sling TV is going to be looking into the AirTV anywhere. Kind of like I doubt non Amazon Fire TV users are going to buy a recast. That’s why Tablo is going strong.

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