Sling TV Capitalizing On Competitors Rate Increases

In general things get more expensive over time. We all know this. But the recent trend in substantial increases has alarmed some customers of cable replacement services with increases of 10-15 dollars a month. In this environment Sling TV has decided to announce that its plans will freeze in place for at least a year.

In an announcement on the Sling TV blog, Michael Schwimmer, Group President of Sling TV, announced that Sling will put in place a 1-year price guarantee for all new and existing customers. For customers who sign up for SLING TV or who have an existing account by August, 1, 2020 SLING TV will automatically guarantee their current price on any SLING TV service through August 1, 2021 (that’s just $30 per month for SLING Orange or SLING Blue).

The move comes during a period that has seen YouTube TV increase its price by $15.00 and Hulu with Live TV increase by $10.00. And while the substitutes are all less expensive than traditional cable packages they are getting a lot more expensive than they used to be.

Sling TV has managed to keep things under $40.00 by offering 2 smaller packages of channels that provide a mix of different sports, news and entertainment options and then allowing users to add other optional packages or premium channels separately. On the other hand the rest of the options build out larger one size fits all bundles. This causes any basic rise in the cost of a package of channels to be immediately passed on to the customer, while Sling TV can change the price of an add-on.