VUDU Will Have Originals Starting in 2019

Variety is reporting that VUDU, the streaming service owned by Walmart is looking to release free original programming in partnership with MGM. The programming which would be available via VUDU apps in much the same way as the free offerings on VUDU, known as “Movies on Us” would likely be ad-supported.

VUDU has made a point that the programming will be family and advertiser-friendly, further indicating that it will be put together with the largest audience possible in mind. Those shows will be exclusively licensed to Vudu for North America.

VUDU as a service offers users a portal to Rent and buy Movies and TV Shows in a variety of formats as well as access digital video purchases that are redeemed via codes that ship with designated movies. The expectation of this partnership is that programming will be based on MGM properties and take advantage of built-in audiences and fan bases.

Not taking On Netflix

Despite the tendancy by reporters to call any new forray into streaming a Netflix competitor, VUDU has not apprached this new partnership with an eye towards any head to head fight with Netflix or Amazon. The content will simply be a new possible revenue stream to an already stable service.

Shopping through VUDU

Walmart has good reason to get more eyes on its service. It has been reported that it is working on ways to allow users to shop for products available at Walmart via the video apps.